Wheel of Fortune Astrology

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Virgo Sign

With their propensity for precision, their sense of responsibility and their ability to make accurate diagnoses, Virgo helps in manual or intellectual occupations. Their goals may be lower in general and they may overlook good opportunities because of their way of analyzing everything.

Virgos who are meticulous and thorough can master their fields of work, as they possess a wealth of knowledge and information. Serve others as you would like them to serve you, according to the golden rule of happiness. When I cultivate and put aside my ego, fortune appears.

Libra Sign

Harmony, fairness, judgment, good taste and artistic sensitivity are attributes of the sign of Libra. Artistic careers and those centered on pleasures, beauty and decoration are preferred. Also, laws and justice.

In the face of difficulties, this sign feels protected and deserving of divine help. Libra dominates the ability to find the good in everything. Do not mix money, love, uncertainty and covert infidelity.

When I can perceive the other as my reflection, fortune will manifest in the form of expansion. You and I are one.

Scorpio Sign

Achieved through persistent and relentless work. Risky activities help you get through life’s tough times and end things that hold you back from growing. Your deep sense of empathy makes helping others who are lying to themselves your most important function.

You can make your character biting, critical and inquisitive. a bit possessive and envious. That’s very discouraging. When you spend part of your life trying to unravel the mysteries of life, success follows.

Sagittarius Sign

In this sign, the point of fortune is associated with tradition, observance of regulations and laws that apply to everyone and consideration of the opinions of others.

Helping others, showing kindness to all living things, being optimistic and sociable and having a transcendent ideal to live by are ways to achieve well-being. Character defects are presumption, conceit, superficiality and letting oneself go.

When one can live sensibly, being consistent in one’s daily actions with one’s underlying beliefs and philosophies, fortune appears with greater intensity. Keep your heart pointed skyward and your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Capricorn Sign

Even the privileges that come with life are difficult for this sign to appreciate. There is persistent unhappiness, perhaps brought on by the realization that the material world is deceptive and that when we depart for eternity, we will take nothing with us.

There is a tendency towards a cold and concealed ambition, with unfulfilled ambitions and perhaps ungenerous behavior towards others. But to be recognized and welcomed, which helps to make his character kinder and gentler.

These natives achieve a quiet existence, a separation from the material world and a significant contribution to society in very spiritual birth charts. Gratitude, helping others to overcome life’s obstacles and maintaining a positive attitude leads to prosperity.

Aquarius Sign

You can be original, creative, innovative and distinctive with this placement, Aquarius. It encourages living in unusual circumstances and helps to overcome outdated habits, rigid schemes and restricted, closed morals. A detached mindset and philosophy of life are essential.

The new millennium is driven by Aquarius, which safeguards the precious wisdom needed to connect the spiritual and scientific realms. They are the carriers of the seed that will bring about racial harmony among humans.

They tend to show traits of individuality, intolerance of their own and others’ shortcomings and the desire to impose their opinions. The pillars of these natives are teamwork, collaboration with global developments and optimism for the future. Fortune favors the brave.

Pisces sign

In this sign, the energy of the point of fortune enhances the clairvoyance, idealism and intuition of its inhabitants. Their emotions can make them become someone who is only attracted to the pleasures of life, success and honor, limiting their happiness to the realm of the possessed.

He constantly seeks balance between the material and the spiritual. Otherwise, he may be attracted to suffering people and humanitarian issues.

Poets, dreamers and romantics are aware of the power of art, especially music, to transform the world. The ego tends to victimize itself; it cannot bear to see other people suffer and seeks solace in certain vices.

It has renounced the superior and now exploits exclusively the inferior. Success comes when one can renounce lesser pleasures in favor of unlimited delights and perceive the material realm as a component of spiritual life.

The influence of the wheel of fortune

Tradition abounds with direct and anecdotal lessons about the impossibility of bad luck. One interpretation of the Wheel of Fortune is expressed in the proverb:

“There is no evil that lasts a hundred years or endures it.”

Most ancient religions teach that God is reflected in the mirror that is the man. The Wheel of Fortune is the direction of that look.

This is explained by astrologer German Rosas, who is also a professor of literature and conducts research on human behavior and who developed the Grammatical Astrological Reading System (GR System):

“According to this line of thought, the Wheel of Fortune is related to both material and spiritual fortune, with mysterious advantages even in dire circumstances, with enormous advantages in some areas of life and with areas in which only faith in the higher becomes evident.

Operations that are so challenging that only a miracle-the Wheel of Fortune-can keep them alive. If Divine Grace does not intervene, the ground gives way to grim obstacles where there are no doors and the logical diagnosis states that the end is what remains…

The Wheel of Fortune is that Divine Grace, no doubt. When the Wheel of Fortune is present, meaningful theoretical understandings that have eluded years of careful analysis suddenly become apparent.

The only possibility for peace in highly destructive environments is providential and that providential is the Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is the power that has allowed you to unexpectedly find yourself on the steady path after falling off a cliff.”

Everyone possesses a secret treasure. The advantages offered by the Universal System are what everyone can enjoy. We only have to dare to live from the values that we conquer but do not understand.

Whoever recognizes the presence of love both in himself and in his environment, is ready to become a King and stop living like a beggar.

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