Angelology is the theological study of the nature, hierarchy, and functions of angels. This discipline delves into the role of these celestial beings within divine orders and their interactions with humanity, encompassing diverse religious traditions and uncovering profound spiritual mysteries.

Angels don’t help if you don’t ask

Los ángeles no ayudan si no pides / Angels do not help unless you ask

Angels are heavenly beings full of light and love who deeply respect the freedom of human beings. They only intervene in those who invite them because they recognize that they have no right to impose themselves on any creature. Discover how their influence can inspire high thoughts, feelings of love and acts of kindness in your daily life.


Rediscovery of Angels

Los Ángeles existen / The Angels exist

Belief in angels has been a fundamental pillar in many religions and cultures around the world for centuries, helping people find comfort in times of crisis and feel a deeper connection to the divine.


Guardian Angels Exist

ángeles de la guarda / guardian angels

Guardian angels exist, even if they don’t have wings, blond hair, or the appearance of never having broken a dish. By examining a statistical anomaly, a group of Russian mathematicians concluded that there were fewer passengers than normal on crashed ships, trains and planes.


Meditating with Kabbalah Angels: Guide and Meaning

Cómo meditar Ángeles de la Cábala / How to meditate on Kabbalah Angels

Meditation with the Kabbalah angels opens a window to the spiritual world, where each angelic name carries a unique vibration. This practice, rooted in Kabbalistic wisdom, invites us to visualize and meditate with clear intention, connecting with the energies of Yesod, the foundation of the world according to Jewish tradition.