Mystical love is the soul’s profound communion with the divine, a spiritual odyssey where the self’s boundaries melt into the vastness of the absolute. It’s more than an emotion; it’s a transcendental experience that uplifts and transforms, leading the heart to a deeper understanding of universal truth.

Love in the Digital Age: A New Challenge

Amor en la era digital | Love in the Digital Age

To love means to recognize the divinity in another. It’s about looking beyond their human appearance and feeling the presence of an ‘I AM’ dwelling within that person. To see perfection in another, we must view them with the eyes of the soul, stripping away all human facade to see their true essence.


Maternal Love: A Bond Beyond Biology

Amor maternal | Maternal love

Maternal love emerges as a beacon of hope and guidance in an often-divided world. Through its multiple forms, this love underscores what is truly valuable: care, connection, and compassion. Celebrating motherhood in all its expressions is to celebrate humanity itself, paving the way towards a more loving and understanding society, and offering a perspective of hope and strength.

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