Mystical love is the soul’s profound communion with the divine, a spiritual odyssey where the self’s boundaries melt into the vastness of the absolute. It’s more than an emotion; it’s a transcendental experience that uplifts and transforms, leading the heart to a deeper understanding of universal truth.

The Enduring Power of Love Amidst Alzheimer’s

El Verdadero Amor / True Love

The story of Angelita and Ángel reaffirms that true love finds a way despite life’s harshest challenges. Their enduring love, tested yet unbroken by Alzheimer’s, serves as a profound reminder of the strength and purity of unconditional love and acceptance.


Children Teach the Essence of True Love in School

definición del amor / what is love

What is love? This question, posed by a young student, sets the stage for an extraordinary lesson in a vibrant school setting. As children navigate the playground, collecting symbols of love, they engage in an exercise that’s more than it seems.