NFHMILY: A Lifetime Game of Love

NFHMILY: A Lifetime Game of Love,

For over fifty years, my grandparents were married, sustaining a tradition they began during their early courtship days.

But what does “NFHMILY” signify? A ponderance of love.

The game’s rule was simple: one would scribble “NFHMILY” in an unexpected spot for the other to find. Upon discovering it, the finder would then hide it elsewhere in return.

They took turns, inscribing “NFHMILY” throughout their home. Whether it was traced with a finger in the sugar bowl or etched onto a foggy window that overlooked the yard — where my grandmother would serve cakes she made with affection — the word was omnipresent.

Once, my grandmother unwound an entire roll of toilet paper to leave “NFHMILY” on the last sheet and then carefully rewound it. There were no boundaries to where “NFHMILY” might appear. Notes with the word sketched on them were found wrapped around the car’s steering wheel or tucked inside shoes.

This cryptic word was as much a part of my grandparents’ household as the furniture.

Enduring Love: A Tale of Devotion Through Life’s Shadows

It took me years to fully appreciate this playful act they shared. While I often grappled with the idea of everlasting love, I never questioned the depth of theirs. It was profound. More than a game, it was their way of life.

Their bond was anchored in devotion and a kind of passionate love that’s a rarity. They always seemed to be hand in hand, stealing kisses in their small kitchen, finishing each other’s sentences and jointly solving the daily crossword.

My grandmother would whisper about how handsome my grandfather remained over the years. Every meal began with them expressing gratitude to God and blessing those present.

But a shadow cast over their radiant life: my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. As always, my grandfather remained her constant pillar, even painting their room yellow, so she would always be surrounded by sunlight.

NFHMILY: A Grandfather’s Tribute to Timeless Love

As the disease advanced, she became frail. And then, the inevitable happened. She passed away. At her funeral, “NFHMILY” was delicately inscribed on the pink and yellow ribbons adorning the floral arrangements.

When friends departed, the family gathered for one final goodbye. My grandfather, his eyes brimming with tears, began to sing a song from the depths of his soul.

The moment, poignant and unforgettable, gave me a glimpse of an incomparable love’s beauty.

By now, you must be wondering, what does “NFHMILY” stand for?

“Never Forget How Much I Love You” – NFHMILY.

As my grandmother’s life ebbed away, ‘NFHMILY’ was a poignant final tribute at her funeral, capturing the essence of their shared life. This story exemplifies how true love, expressed simply, can resonate through generations.