Connection between numerology and ways of loving

Connection between numerology and ways of loving,

Numerology is an ancient science that interferes with our daily lives in unsuspected ways, one of these areas is sentimental. Our date of birth determines our essence number and with it, it influences our general characteristics when interacting in a relationship as a couple.

Emotional Bonds and the Power of Numerology

A study on the ways of loving based on our number of essences

To calculate this number, add up the digits from the day of birth until a single digit is obtained. For example, if you were born on the 12th, your essence number would be 1+2 = 3.

Love and Number 1

They tend to be passionate and physical in their relationship. They are self-demanding individuals and, to a certain extent, are influenced by conventions and social norms.

Sensuality and the demonstration of affection are two of its most outstanding qualities. However, on an emotional level, they may have difficulty expressing their feelings. However, their protective nature towards their partner is undeniable.

Love and Number 2

They are romantic beings, who value attention and kindness in privacy. They crave surprises and excitement, although they themselves may lack initiative.

Lovers of romantic songs and prone to documenting their thoughts and emotions. They have an innate propensity to be in company, so they are rarely seen alone.

Love and Number 3

Passionate and emotional. Your love for love is almost a distinguishing trait unless your birth chart states otherwise. At the gender level, there are notable differences in their seduction strategies.

Men tend to be more indifferent and take longer to mature in this regard, while women from an early age adopt roles of conquest and seduction.

Love and Number 4

They are looking for long-lasting and stable relationships. They are patient and cautious, avoiding impulses and rash decisions. Although they are reserved, they are able to express their feelings intimately to their partner. They appreciate the display of affection and have a tendency to long-term relationships.

Love and Number 5

They are renowned for their openness to diverse forms of love. They have an innate attraction and a vibrant energy that doesn’t go unnoticed. Although they are sometimes described as fickle, it is part of their way of living life seeking new sensations and rejecting monotony.

Their apparent fickleness can be a defense mechanism, since inside they are sensitive and affectionate beings who fear being exposed to being hurt.

Love and the Number 6

They are timidly romantic, crave protection and can be emotionally dependent. Calm and calm, who seek calm and deep loving communication. On the sexual level, they tend to need reassurance and constant affirmations of love because of their insecurity.

Love and the Number 7

Enigmatic in love. They struggle to express their feelings, often experiencing platonic or impossible love. Although they may seem cold or distant in a relationship, it’s just one sign of their difficulty in expressing their feelings.

They need space, even when in a relationship and can be very passionate once they feel secure.

Love and the Number 8

Stable, methodical and romantic, although it’s not always obvious. They seek long-lasting relationships and can try very hard to rekindle a lost love. They see their partner as a complement and their capacity to love is profound, although sometimes it is difficult for them to channel it correctly.

Love and the Number 9

They tend to be cautious in love. They prefer long-term, formal relationships and rarely take the initiative. They need a push to start a relationship but once it starts, they’re very dedicated and loyal.

Finally, each number in numerology has its own way of loving and experiencing love. This guide can help you better understand your partner or even yourself. However, it’s important to remember that we are unique, multidimensional beings and our essence number is only part of who we are.