Frau Elsbeth Ebertin: Astrologer predicted Hitler’s arrival

Frau Elsbeth Ebertin: Astrologer predicted Hitler’s arrival,

The story relates the occasion in 1914 when a professional astrologer predicted the appearance of a man who would “promote the German liberation movement”. This man, according to the astrologer was born on the same day as the infamous Adolf Hitler.

The Astral Oracle that Foreshadowed Hitler’s Rise to Power

The fascinating world of occultism and esoteric sciences was a source of interest for the Nazis, who explored them in their quest to succeed in the war and establish a new world order.

Hitler, a well-known enthusiast of practices such as parapsychology and the predictions of those who claimed to have contact with the “afterlife” was surprised to read a horoscope created in 1914.

This oracle, prepared by a professional astrologer, predicted that a man born on the same day and year as him would give the “definitive push to the German liberation movement”.

This intriguing story, forgotten for years is one of the many that journalist Oscar Herradon reveals in his new book “The Wizards of War (Spanish version only)”.

In this work, Herradón delves into the important role that magic and astrology played in the battle for the conquest of the world during the Second World War. The Spanish writer immerses us in the fascinating story of the Nazis involved in mystery and occultism, who used every means at their disposal (earthly and supernatural) to fight their enemies.

Germany in 1923: The Birth of the German National Socialist Party

In 1923, Germany was going through difficult times after its defeat in the Great War. It was in this context of discontent that the German National Socialist Party and its leader, Adolf Hitler, emerged. Although he was little more than an unknown local leader Hitler was already beginning to leave his mark on German society.

It was on September 30 of that same year when Hitler received an intriguing letter from one of his “fans” Maria Heiden. In her letter, María informed Hitler about a horoscope made by Frau Elsbeth Ebertín, a member of a renowned family of German astrologers.

Ebertín, born in 1880 and an expert in occult sciences was recognized as the first professional astrologer in Germany and had an impressive resume, including the king of Bulgaria among her clients. Hitler, intrigued, carefully read the horoscope prepared by Ebertin.

The curious thing is that this horoscope, dated 1914, referred to a man born on April 20, 1889: exactly the same day and year that Adolf Hitler was born.

The horoscope that marked the destiny

The prediction began by stating that a “fighter” was born on April 20, 1889, and that man was destined to be a leader in future conflicts.

According to Ebertín, this person, born under the influence of Aries seemed to have been chosen by fate to sacrifice himself for the German people and although he would endure a lot, he would promote a “German liberation movement” that would suddenly emerge in a powerful way.

Ebertin’s horoscope went further, suggesting that the people of Germany could only return to themselves in the political and religious fields thanks to “spiritual leaders sent by God”.

These leaders, according to Ebertin, would be people with a strong belief in God and a cosmological sensitivity, placed above political parties. In due time, the hidden stars would shine like “luminous meteors of great beauty”.

Apparently, Ebertin’s horoscope was liked by young Hitler, who from that moment on began to use it as a form of propaganda, proclaiming that his destiny was written in the stars.

And in a way, it seemed to be that way, because, either because of the stars or by pure chance, Ebertin was right in his prediction of the future of the leader of the National Socialist Party. Hitler rose to power in Germany in 1933 and began one of the most devastating wars in history on September 1, 1939, when he invaded Poland.

The Wizards of War

“The Wizards of War” is one of the many essays that Herradon has carried out on the Second World War. In it, this journalist first explains how Hitler’s followers used magic in an attempt to win the race.

“The influence of esotericism and occult sciences on the Nazi Party goes back to its own bases since it has been demonstrated that the ideology of the NSDAP is based, to no small extent, on the assumptions of nationalist secret societies —Völkisch— that during the period before the First World War had great influence in certain areas of Germany and Austria. Organizations such as the Order of the New Templars whose bases were already calling for the extermination of Jews and for these exalted, “other inferior races”, explains the writer in statements to ABC.

However, the largest of all these groups dedicated to esotericism and black magic was the Thule Society which was led by Baron Rudolf Von Sebottendorff (who, as the writer points out in the book, later financed the Nazi groups that emerged over time).

“It is known that Thule belonged to such important figures in the early years of Nazism as Dietrich Eckart, Karl Harrer and Rudolf Hess, later Hitler’s right-hand man in the Nazi Party, one of the characters most imbued by the esoteric within the Third Reich together with Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS. I talk about all of them in the play,” Herradón adds to ABC.

Nor were the Allies spared this magical war, who, with the British at the helm, carried out all kinds of strange practices to combat the German invader. “On the allied side, they did the same and Churchill’s so-called “Black Team” which included characters such as fellow astrologer Louis de Wohl, used horoscopes and astrological charts as another “weapon” in the clandestine operations carried out by the Intelligence Services”, concludes the author…