Love is Not a Feeling, but a Daily Decision

Love is Not a Feeling, but a Daily Decision,

The essence of love has been debated throughout the ages, found within the corners of poetry, the pages of great novels, and in the advice of sages over time. Yet, the concept of love remains enigmatic and elusive to many.

Love Beyond Feelings: A Deep Reflection on Choices

Some perceive it as a fleeting emotion, while others understand it as a deliberate choice. It is precisely here that the key to understanding love’s true meaning lies.

There exists an insightful reflection on love. In it, a man approaches a sage seeking counsel about his relationship, which seems on the brink of collapse. His heart was filled with doubt and resignation, believing the love he once felt for his wife had vanished.

However, the sage’s response was both unexpected and enlightening: “Love her.”

What did the sage mean by this?

It wasn’t merely about a transient feeling or an emotion that ebbs and flows. Love’s true nature goes beyond emotion. Love is not a feeling; it’s an action, a decision we make every day.

If we regard love solely as an emotion, we risk becoming slaves to our emotional whims. Emotions are inherently volatile. They shift with circumstances, experiences, and time. In contrast, seeing love as a decision grants us the power and responsibility to keep it alive.

The Art of Loving: How to Tend to Our Emotional Garden Daily

Sturdy Relationships: The Analogy of Tending a Garden and Nurturing Love

Loving is akin to tending a garden. Just as a gardener labors daily, weeding, preparing the soil, sowing seeds, and watering plants, we must similarly work on our relationships. There will be times of emotional drought where the connection seems to wane.

Other days might be overwhelmingly stormy, riddled with disagreements and strains. Yet, a dedicated gardener doesn’t forsake their garden when facing these challenges. Similarly, those who choose to love don’t abandon their relationships amidst adversities.

Valuing, respecting, understanding, and admiring our partner are the tools we employ to cultivate our love garden. Each day, we must decide to love, to care for that garden, and look beyond imperfections and challenges.

Love is not something that simply “happens.” It’s not an emotion that arbitrarily comes and goes. It’s a conscious choice we make daily. So, the next time you feel love fading, remember the sage’s words: “Love her.”

Choose to love actively and nurture that love with deliberate and meaningful actions. Because at day’s end, love is an art that we all have the power to master.

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