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Saturn Retrograde

saturno / saturn

In a transcendental astral movement, Saturn begins its journey to the underworld by adopting a retrograde movement in the Pisces constellation. This event is not only important because of its nature, but also because it is the first time that Saturn has regressed into Pisces since its entry in March. Find out how this Saturn retrograde may affect you in 2023.


Meaning of Being Born Under Each Moon Phase

Significado de Nacer bajo Cada Fase Lunar / Influence moon phases birth

Did you know that the moon can have a significant impact on your personality? Each moon phase has a unique influence. Just as the bright reflection of a Full Moon contrasts with the darkness of a New Moon, the lunar phase you were born under may have shaped your personality in a unique way.


Tree of Life: Magic and Meaning in an Amulet

Árbol de la Vida Amuleto / Tree of Life Amulet

Discover the Tree of Life, an amulet that has taken root in the hearts of diverse cultures and has been maintained over time, representing love, protection and personal growth. This mysterious and fascinating symbol ranges from ancient beliefs to contemporary jewelry, serving as a bridge that connects the earthly and the divine. Get ready to embark on a journey of exploration and wonder, unraveling the secrets and meanings behind this iconic talisman.


Gemini Month Horoscopes

Géminis / Gemini

The dual energy of Gemini in the 2023 Gemini Season. Represented by twins, this sign reminds us of the transience of life and the eternity of the soul. Connect with socially and mentally stimulating energy and experience moments of clarity and brilliant ideas. Explore key events from the Aldebaran Portal to the Full Moon in Sagittarius and dive into personalized horoscopes for your zodiac sign.