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Mercury moves in front of Neptune

Qué hacer en Neptuno retrógrado

Neptune’s influence on Mercury can also have negative repercussions if we are not careful. Examples of these negative influences include vices or illicit circumstances, scams and relationships filled with misunderstandings and uncertainty.

New Moon in Libra

Luna Nueva en Libra / New Moon in Libra

This New Moon, which occurs at the beginning of the cardinal sign of Libra, two days after the Spring-Autumn Equinox, is very strong because it can be used for projects, visions, or reorientations.

Autumn Equinox

Equinoccio de Otoño / Autumn Equinox

The Sun enters Libra on this day, according to the apparent zodiacal motion. From an astronomical point of view, day and night last the same time over practically the entire planet, except the poles. The word equinox derives from the Latin Aequs-nox, meaning equal night.

Commitment-averse male zodiac signs

zodiaco masculinos / male zodiac

According to astrology, some male zodiac signs are reluctant to commit to having children, as they are concerned about raising and educating them. Starting a family is never on their agenda because, in general, these zodiac signs do not take obligations seriously and are more attracted to an independent and adventurous existence.

Sun in libra

Signo Libra

The Libra energies serve to remind us that finding balance is not easy, that the center of the balance is the area of greatest power and that if we strengthen that center, we will achieve balance.

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