July 2023: Discover Your Truth

July 2023: Discover Your Truth, InfoMistico.com

July 2023: The Inner Struggle. Make up your mind about what you truly desire in life. Amid emotional turmoil and a whirlwind of energy, this month beckons you to question yourself: What is it that you seek and is it within your reach?

The Expedition of July 2023: Unearth and Fasten Your Decisions to Your Core Beliefs

July has made its entrance, accompanied by tempestuous waters. The helm of this month, akin to the captain of an age-old galleon, inquires, “What do you seek and is it attainable?” The undulating waves of June ushered in revelations and impulsive decisions. Now, in July, our compass steers us toward securing these decisions within the haven of our inherent beliefs.

Yet, proceed with caution! The waters are tumultuous and navigation is fraught with peril. The horizon is beset with quandaries, hesitancy and perhaps a touch of bewilderment regarding our path, merit, obligations and dedication. Are you braced for this thrilling quest?

Grasp the helm firmly and face your uncertainties. Appraise the choices that resonate with your principles, even if it entails letting someone down or veering off course.

New Frontiers in July 2023: Synchronizing with Your Inner Wisdom and Rethinking Outdated Paradigms

This month, enigmatic waves of energy billow in our sails, exhorting devotion, demarcation of boundaries and favorable strides toward our fundamental objectives. However, heed this, voyagers: you will need to relinquish the corroded anchors of entrenched societal molds and muster the bravery to set foot upon uncharted terrain.

Frequent self-interrogation – “What is it that I desire?” – serves as a recalibration of our vessel’s compass. Do not let the torrents of scrutiny sweep you away, particularly if you are altering the trajectory of a circumstance that has kept you moored in the same port for an excessive span. Refrain from cursing the gales or adopting the role of a casualty; instead, express gratitude for the lucidity your odyssey imparts.

Yet, the sirens sing with fervor! You detect an upsurge of anticipation and the prospect of emerging anew, in harmony with innate wisdom and challenging the antiquated cartography of our historical charts. A new epoch is upon us! Are you prepared to explore uncharted territories that fulfill your deepest yearnings?

July 2023: Drop Anchor on Fresh Coastlines

Guidelines for Taking Resolute Steps and Sailing Toward a Revitalized Way of Life

Nonetheless, exercise caution to avoid becoming entrenched on the same worn-out shores. If you find yourself wavering, ponder, “How does this diverge from what I experienced previously?”

You may catch yourself gazing at the horizon, indecisive about which path to pursue. It is imperative to maintain discipline in casting aside the undesirable and resisting the allure of the known. Extract wisdom from the sea charts of yesteryears, have faith in your acquired knowledge and remain vigilant to the hurdles that materialize during this expedition.

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Personal Journey

The voyage may be tempestuous or herald the discovery of a novel world. It hinges on the extent of your trepidation toward the undulating tides of transformation and whether you possess the mettle to have faith in your intuition and heart. Remain resolute and steadfast, fortify your defenses and navigate unswervingly toward a rejuvenated lifestyle.


Your fellow mariners will be engrossed in their personal odysseys. Strive for equilibrium in your decisions; refrain from countering the currents impetuously and instead, act from a standpoint of impartiality. As you alter your course, be alert to the potential of forming fresh alliances – brace yourself for fellowship and invigorating partnerships!


This month is propitious for adopting health and wellness regimens! Attune yourself to your body’s signals and provide the sustenance it requires. Just as you would tend to your vessel, so too should you nurture your physique to ensure a successful voyage.

Business, Alliances and Projects

Reassess your contracts and ascertain that all parties are propelling in a harmonious direction. This month is favorable for overhauling and reimagining the blueprint of your ventures.


The climate, akin to a turbulent sea, continues to be capricious; gear up to confront any tempest with a dose of wit and an intrepid disposition! Additionally, within your personal sphere, jettison possessions that no longer embody your essence and create space for items that genuinely resonate with your desires.

Dates and Periods in July 2023

July 1-7

During this period, the stakes are high and you may feel pulled in various directions. If you find yourself overwhelmed by challenges, take a deep breath and seek support from your allies. Take things one step at a time, maintaining patience and mindfulness, which will propel you forward. This period will urge you to evaluate what needs to be let go of, delegated, nurtured and developed to progress.

You may notice opportunities and openings but they may not be readily accessible for full engagement. Practice patience. The energy is eager to move but the timing may not be ideal. Focus on personal intentions and reflect on what you genuinely desire and whether it aligns with your present circumstances. Reflect on the past to avoid recreating the same intentions.

Discipline is particularly valuable during this time and hard work will yield rewards. Consider the areas of your life that require more discipline and proceed with determination.

July 3rd

The Full Moon in Capricorn occurs on Monday, July 3. Known as the Deer Moon, it is also a Supermoon, carrying increased power and favorable aspects. Despite recent challenges and difficulties, this Full Moon presents an opportunity for your hard work to bear fruit and for manifestations to occur.

This is a time to experience the saying, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” After enduring a great deal over the past few months, you are ready to witness the results of personal growth and the determination to elevate your being.

If you have successfully liberated yourself from the past, followed your intuition and made decisions from the heart, you will have the chance to become more adaptable, positive, abundant and prosperous.

During this Full Moon, take a moment to express gratitude and set lofty intentions that resonate with your intuitive choices. Any practices that anchor, ground and stabilize what holds significance for you are beneficial during this time.

Reflect on your worthiness as you contemplate the next steps that will bring you closer to manifesting your desires.

July 8-15

This period is marked by great motivation, particularly in terms of self-care, collaboration with others and personal aspirations. It is an opportune time to prioritize your well-being and draw inspiration from visible personal progress.

Embrace the practice of asking for help, trusting your allies and committing to enhancing aspects of your life that require attention. Although you may be on vacation during this period, you will notice substantial activity within your inner world as you respond to your surroundings. Exercise discernment in determining what you truly want and don’t want, even if you are unable to take immediate action.

This is an ideal time to connect with individuals who can become invaluable allies or foster new relationships that will support you. Pay attention to those who cross your path and remain receptive to new alliances.

July 16-23

This period brings new opportunities for learning and offers clarity regarding lessons from the past and how to forge ahead in a fresh manner. Balance becomes a focal point, particularly in terms of harmonizing masculine and feminine aspects, states of being and the role personal boundaries play in accommodating both.

In particular, the feminine may face challenges in expressing personal desires due to cultural conditioning that emphasizes selflessness and perpetual availability to shoulder others’ pain or challenges. This past programming will be scrutinized and readjusted to achieve greater balance with your personal limits and desires.

This may create waves and unrest within family and community structures that have relied on this selflessness. However, if you aim to break through to the other side, now is the time.

July 17

New Moon in Cancer.

July 24-31

Intensity intensifies during this period of profound change and transformation. The element of action is ignited and it is crucial to manifest with care. Always act purposefully rather than reactively, ensuring that decisions are made from the heart.

This is a potent time to anchor your intuitive choices but make certain they truly resonate with you. If you have numerous options and confusion about your direction, take a step back and examine the bigger picture to gain clarity.

Choose the course of action that feels most significant to you and relish the journey. Chaos can disrupt your balance, so if that occurs, take the necessary steps to find solace away from others, reaffirm your intentions, spend time in nature and reconnect with the Earth.

This article represents a meticulously based guide to astrology by Lena Stevens, with the aim of providing valuable insights and perspectives that contribute to personal enrichment. Readers are encouraged to use this information as an additional resource on their journey of self-discovery and development, maintaining a balanced and conscious approach to avoid the subordination of personal will to cosmic influences.