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Uranus conjunct North Node

Urano y Tauro / Uranus conjunct North Node

This month Uranus will form close conjunction with the North Node, a point related to Karma and spiritual growth, for the first time since 2007, stimulating an opportunity to identify and truly embrace our destined path.

New Moon Ritual

Ritual de Luna Nueva / Simple New Moon Ritual

A new moon is a perfect time for reflection and intention setting. She brings with her the opportunity to explore creativity as she is dark and empty – fertile ground for new seeds of intention.

Jupiter Retrograde


Jupiter retrograde invites us to challenge our beliefs and review our weaknesses and what we need to change to have a more positive mindset. This inner journey forces us to step out of our comfort zone and see from another perspective the truth of current situations.

New Moon in Leo 2022

Luna Nueva en Leo / New Moon in Leo 2022

The New Moon in Leo always comes at the coldest time of the year for the Southern Hemisphere and at the hottest time of the year for the Northern Hemisphere. This time is the hottest in the Northern Hemisphere, but the most relevant thing about a New Moon is that this is the moment when we start a new cycle of action…

Day out of Time, July 25th

Día fuera del tiempo

July 25th is a special day, it is called the day out of time according to the Mayan calendar. For the Maya, the years begin on July 26th and end on the 24th of the same month twelve months later.

New Moon in Leo

Luna Nueva en Leo / New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo on July 28, 2022, is one of the sweetest we have experienced in a long time. It carries the vibration of abundance, joy and creativity. It serves to check the flow of our lives and whether we are where we want to be.

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