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Sun in libra

Signo Libra

The Libra energies serve to remind us that finding balance is not easy, that the center of the balance is the area of greatest power and that if we strengthen that center, we will achieve balance.

New Moon in Libra

Luna Nueva en Libra / New Moon in Libra

The energy has changed throughout September. It began with a powerful retrograde energy current running through the cosmos, which always slows down time and forces us to take a moment to reflect and deal with issues from the past.

Horoscopes Month Libra


The start of the Libra season is set for September 22–23, 2022, the day of the Equinox. As we approach the midpoint of the astrological year, the Equinox signifies a turning point and Libra is the ideal zodiac to lead us through this transitional period.

Tips to know someone’s sign

Trucos para conocer el signo de alguien / Tricks to know the sign of someone

Although horoscopes are more popular than ever, not everyone is comfortable talking about their natal chart or other personal information. We offer you some professional tips for getting to know someone’s sign without getting up close and personal with them.

Wheel of Fortune Astrology

Rueda de la Fortuna Astrología / Wheel of Fortune Astrology

We will reveal to you the point of benefit that each person has from the moment of birth and favors existence through Karmic Astrology in these times when financial uncertainties, emotional problems and worries seem to triumph over love.

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