Cosmic Cross in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

Cosmic Cross in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius,

In tune with the vast starry canvas, an intriguing cosmic phenomenon unfolds in our skies, sending signs of an event that promises to leave an indelible mark on history.

Impact of the Cosmic Cross on Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius: a heavenly event with profound implications

When a cosmic cross is drawn, an overwhelming expectation arouses: something big is about to happen, something that can change the course of our lives a milestone that transcends time and space.

This time, since Saturday, May 20, we are faced with a cosmic cross of exceptional power and transcendence since it is formed in the fixed signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

These signs, full of strength and determination are closely linked to the great spiritual, initiatory and transcendent mysteries.

The fixed signs occupy a central position in every season of the year and in this cosmic cross, the energies of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius converge, becoming bearers of unprecedented spiritual and mystical meaning.

So much so, that these signs are considered symbols of the four evangelists of the Bible and make up the hermetic cross that the great Masters of universal wisdom wear on their chests.

Influence of Mars on Leo and the Cosmic Cross: An Astrological Look

In the alchemy of the universe, each of these fixed signs is associated with a mystical word that contains the most profound secrets of magic and transformation.

  • Taurus represents “Wanting”
  • Leo the “Osar”
  • Scorpio the “Shut Up” and
  • Aquarius the “Knowledge”.

These sacred words which are reflected in the major arcana of the Tarot invite us to explore the hidden mysteries of being and the universe.

The impact of this cosmic cross has intensified with the entry of Mars into the sign of Leo on May 20. In this way, the quartet of planets that make up the pillars of this astrological configuration is completed.

Along with Mars, we find Jupiter who recently entered Taurus and Pluto, whose influence has resonated with the zero degree of Aquarius in recent months.

These three stars, imbued with heavenly energy form a powerful “square T” that, when added to the presence of the South Lunar Node in the first degrees of the passionate sign of Scorpio gives rise to the majestic cosmic cross.

As a complement, its pair, the North Lunar Node is located next to Jupiter in the first degrees of Taurus revealing the inescapable connection between our past and our future aspirations.

Cosmic encounter that triggers changes: Mars, Pluto and the Cosmic Cross

The opposition between Mars and Pluto, two irresistible cosmic forces gives this cosmic cross an explosive charge. The energy of Pluto considered the upper octave of the combative Mars, merges with it, triggering a profound and “volcanic” transformation.

This cosmic encounter imbued with intensity can bring about changes and renewals in our lives, inviting us to free ourselves from old ties and be reborn. For its part, Jupiter gives this cosmic cross an expansive effect, as if we were throwing gasoline on the fire.

The beneficial and amplifying influence of Jupiter encourages us to explore new horizons, to expand our limits and to trust in the abundance of the universe. With their help, we can transform challenges into opportunities and achieve goals that seemed unattainable.

In the midst of this heavenly dance, the Moon Nodes remind us that nothing happens by chance in the universe. Every encounter, every challenge and every lesson has a profound cause that we must know and take on.

The Moon Nodes, representatives of our destiny and purpose in life, invite us to learn from our past experiences and to use them as a springboard to move towards our evolution and personal growth.

Deciphering the Messages from the Stars: The hidden meaning of the cosmic cross

In conclusion, the cosmic cross that forms in the fixed signs of the zodiac envelops us with its powerful influence. This transcendental astral event invites us to reflect on our connection with the divine and explore the mysteries of being.

It gives us the opportunity to free ourselves from past limitations to be reborn and to open ourselves to new possibilities. Let’s take advantage of this cosmic moment to expand our consciousness, cultivate our determination and transcend into a bright and meaningful future.

Remember that in the vast universe, there is more than what our eyes can see and in the stars the messages of the stars are written, waiting to be deciphered by those willing to look beyond the visible.

The cosmic cross in the fixed signs of the zodiac is a call to transformation and growth. Let’s seize this heavenly opportunity to reach new heights!