The Kalachakra Prophecy: Justice vs. Materialism

The Kalachakra Prophecy: Justice vs. Materialism,

Shambhala, a Sanskrit word echoing “Source of Happiness,” is a secret illuminated only by ancient Tantric Buddhist scriptures dedicated to the Kalachakra — the Wheel of Time. These radiant words have been meticulously interpreted and discussed over centuries.

Shambhala: The Hidden Kingdom in Buddhist Scriptures and Its Time Wheel Mysteries

The Mystic Prophecy of Kalachakra reveals the unending dance of Time in perpetual cycles.

In a nearly forgotten corner of our world, beyond the Sita River — which modern scholars associate with the Tarim River winding through China’s distant Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region — lies Shambhala.

Its waters originate from the towering Kunlun Mountains, meandering near the 42nd parallel north, through the arid Taklamakan Desert and the majestic Heavenly Mountains, revered by Taoists as Tien Shan.

This vast land, sparsely populated and shrouded in mystery, blurs borders as politics play to the tune of conflict. Yet, even today, it remains one of the earth’s least understood regions.

But, ancient texts tell of a bright ring of snow-capped mountains guarding Shambhala, shielding it from those lacking the necessary wisdom who seek to trespass its hallowed grounds.

To dwell there is to immerse oneself in an environment of balance, where material wants are foreign and conditions foster a sublime spiritual ascent. Yet, the people of Shambhala do not disdain the physical world.

Instead, they strive to understand it wholly. It’s this profound comprehension that has enabled them to develop advanced medicine, study the stars with precision, and craft sophisticated technologies.

Shambhala and the Chronicles of Kalachakra: Monarchs, Mysteries, and the Path to Enlightenment

The old Kalachakra tales tell of wonders from the legendary Shambhala Kingdom. Legends say its benevolent ruler possessed an Enchanted Lookout, a mirror revealing events occurring unimaginable distances from his royal abode.

Tales also tell of flying devices, borne from aviation knowledge dating back to forgotten epochs.

In Shambhala, life extends long, and its inhabitants, unless immersed in Nirvana’s ecstasy, are reborn either within its borders or another Celestial Eden, continuing their sacred evolutionary path.

Not all have been touched by divine enlightenment, yet all journey towards it. The Kalachakra texts take us to 900 BCE.

During this period, Gautama, the esteemed Buddha, shared his final reflections in Dhanyakataka, in southern India. Some accounts say this momentous event occurred during the Venerable Wesak Moon, under June’s Full Moon. Among those fortunate listeners was Sukandra, the distinguished founder of the Shambhala lineage.

Dharmarajas or Truth Kings

The title “Dharmarajas,” or Truth Kings, was given to those like Sukandra, who returned to their homelands after deep immersion in the Kalachakra meditation. He, having absorbed these teachings, became the first to bear this title.

Time has cloaked the exact date of Buddha’s departure in mystery. Though widely accepted he left around 490 BCE, the Kalachakra accounts plunge us into a conundrum.

Did the revered Buddha actually depart around 900 BCE? Or was Sukandra’s initiation under his guidance later ascribed?

Regardless of these temporal uncertainties, the Kalachakra scriptures offer a legacy: a list of monarchs following Sukandra’s path. Seven were the Dharmarajas:

  • Sukandra.
  • Devendra.
  • Tejasvin.
  • Somadatta.
  • Deveshvara.
  • Chitrarupa.
  • Devesha.

They were succeeded by the Kalki Kings, custodians of knowledge and bearers of wisdom:

  • Manjush Rikirti.
  • Pundarika.
  • Barda.
  • Vijaya.
  • Mitrabhadra Sumitra.
  • Ratnapani.
  • Vishnugupta.
  • Suryakirti.
  • Subhadra.
  • Samudra Vijaya.
  • Durjaya.
  • Suryapada.
  • Vishvarupa.
  • Shashiprabha.
  • Ananta.
  • Parthiva.
  • Shripala.
  • Singha.
  • Vikranta.
  • Mahabala.
  • Anirudha.
  • Narasingha.
  • Maheshvara.
  • Ananta Vijaya.
  • Rudra Chakrin.

Thus, these stories, immortalized in the pages of Kalachakra, transport us to times and places where the mystical and the earthly converge, and where Kings, with their wisdom, guide their people towards enlightenment…

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