Merlin’s Prophecies: Predictions that Shaped History

Merlin’s Prophecies: Predictions that Shaped History,

The prophecies attributed to the enigmatic character have aroused great interest over the centuries. These writings, which date back to 400 AD and were compiled by Volta in 1450, attribute a series of shocking predictions to the Wizard Merlin.

Merlin and His Foretellings: From the Crusades to the End of Times

Among the most outstanding is the prophecy about the Crusades to liberate Jerusalem. According to Merlin, after Christianity has existed for 1,250 years, a large crowd of Christians will embark on distant lands to fight against the Saracens. However, this undertaking will result in a tragic loss of life for Christians.

Another prophecy relates to the discovery of America and slavery. According to Merlin, wild men will meet those who arrive from the sea and as a result, there will be an exchange of gold. This will lead to Africa becoming a slave but in turn, slave Africa will dominate.

In relation to the French Revolution, Merlin predicted that before the 1,800-year cycle since the birth of the figure that emerged in Jerusalem is over, the French will be more hated than their ancestors. Blood will flow through the streets of Gaul, the head of the king, queen and prince will be beheaded and the king’s friends will also suffer the same fate.

These prophecies herald times of horror and bloodshed. However, they also point to the arrival of new winds and laws that will accompany revolutionary changes. It is believed that Merlin was able to glimpse these historic events long before they occurred, leaving a prophetic legacy that continues to intrigue humanity.

Loss of Papal Power and the Destruction of Rome

Shocking prophecies have emerged related to the loss of papal power and the possible destruction of Rome. According to these predictions, before twenty centuries have passed since the birth of the figure that emerged in Jerusalem, Italy, known as the Roman Land, will be plunged into adversity.

An Apostle, that is, the Pope, will play a crucial role in this tragic fate. There will be a Pope who will not dare to confront Rome, thus plunging a large part of the city into desolation.

The omens add that before this Pope ends the century in which he finds himself, he will inflict such shame on Our Lord that it will be unimaginable. It will be then that the Romans will understand that their destruction has begun, as punishment for their sins.

Third World War

Another disconcerting prophecy presents an apocalyptic vision of the world turned into a field where three young people will play. However, beneath the Earth, a blazing fire is in sight. When one of the three girls throws a stone all of them will be hit by disaster. In this field of fire, every flame will carry a name but these names will be destined to be forgotten.

The prophecy suggests that the appearance of the Lord’s mother in multiple places and the existence of an apostle with two names are warning signs. This indicates that it is time to prepare, as the sixth hour which marks the end of the world is fast approaching.

It is speculated that the three girls represent three powerful countries capable of manipulating global destiny. In addition, in recent years Marian apparitions have occurred and the current Pope known as “the apostle”, has two names.

Does this suggest that the sixth hour, the time of the final judgment, is near? These prophecies raise questions about the fate of humanity and the uncertain future that awaits us.

The End of Time

Disturbing prophecies point to the arrival of the dragon among mortals at the end of the year 2000. Apparently victorious and full of glory the dragon will be sighted from Toscaza, so men are urged to keep their eyes fixed on that horizon.

In that place, the virgins will be sacrificed and the coast of Carthage will be engulfed by the sea while other lands will be deformed. This is the time of the dragon of Babylon.

When the dragon of Babylon comes to its end multiple signs will emerge from African land. The cities of the followers of the dragon will be destroyed.

Near the end of the world, it is prophesied that the sun and the moon will change their course and the faucets will come to feed on wheat. Countries will be filled with tears, while the sun lags behind in the East and the moon in the West ceasing to follow its usual course.

At that moment, when human reproduction becomes rare, faith will be lost and the world will plunge into evil, the little ones will suffer hard. The faucets will fly over Egypt.

Near the end of the world, the Pope and the Cardinals will be forced to flee Rome to a place where they can go unnoticed in difficult circumstances. The Pope will die in a cruel and painful way in his exile. The sufferings of the church will be greater than at any other time in the past.

It seems that everything will end as it began with the destruction of Rome and the persecution of Christians. Could the dragon be among us right now? These prophecies present a bleak future full of uncertainty.

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