Best order for eating

Best order for eating,

“By changing up the proportions of food on your plate and the order in which you eat can lead a great step on the path to your health,” nutritionist Lovneet Batra wrote on Instagram.

Expert nutritionist says correct eating order

Some of us prefer eating the sabzi first, while many others keep it for last. But did you know that the order in which we eat our food also impacts our health?

According to nutritionist Lovneet Batra, a good way to help the body digest better is to have vegetables, proteins and fats and starch.

“Have you ever watched someone eat food off their plate in a particular order—tucking into their veggies first, then moving onto the protein part before even touching their side of rice — and think they’ve got some bizarre eating ritual?

Possibly, but it’s also likely they’re timing their carb consumption, which, according to a study helps control blood sugar and, in turn, maintain your weight. So, the hierarchy in which the food plate is consumed has a big role in determining the post-meal glucose and insulin level,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

How does it help?

As explained by Batra, starting a meal with vegetables and protein and finishing it with carbohydrates, helps keep one fuller.

“This is because protein slows down the release of sugar from carbohydrates into the bloodstream, preventing a sugar ‘high’ and then crash – and hunger pangs,” she added.

So, changing up the proportions of food on your plate and the order in which you eat can lead to a great step on the path to your health, Batra added.

Previously, nutritionist Nancy Dehra had suggested practicing portion control by following the one-bowl method — while two-thirds of your bowl should have salad and protein, one-third should be your “favorite carbs”.

Salads and vegetables

While salads and vegetables have high fiber and nutrients and fill you up quickly, protein is high in satiety, hence keeping you full for a long. She explained that when eating in a plate and bowl system, most of us tend to feed on carbs first (since they are the tastiest macronutrient).

While carbs are not bad for you, every meal should have optimal protein and fats as well, she said. “This method will help you in keeping your portion in control and eating less unintentionally,” said Dehra.