Spain, a land of spiritual and cultural richness, offers a unique experience with its vibrant traditions, ancient history, and inspiring landscapes. Immerse yourself in the essence of this fascinating country, where every corner invites reflection and discovery.

Psychic Scams on Spanish Television


Have you been scammed by psychics on Spanish television? Discover the truth about psychic readings on TV. In February 2013, the television channel 13TV dedicated an episode of its program “Al Descubierto” to exposing psychic scams on Spanish television.


Ángeles Durán: The Unusual Owner of the Sun

Ángeles Durán

In a universe where the sun shines indiscriminately on everyone, a narrative emerges that defies the unimaginable. Ángeles Durán dares to claim ownership of the Sun, the majestic celestial body that has bathed the Earth in light and warmth since the dawn of our existence.

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