Psychic Scams on Spanish Television

Psychic Scams on Spanish Television,

In February 2013, the television channel 13TV dedicated an episode of its program “Al Descubierto” to exposing psychic scams on Spanish television. The program featured testimonies from people who had lost over one hundred thousand euros to supposed psychics and witches.

Impact of Psychic Scams on Spanish Television

During the night hours, almost a dozen supposed psychics occupied the screens of Spanish televisions, promising to cure diseases and predict the future. They used cards, fire, domino pieces and other esoteric techniques to convince viewers of their abilities.

These programs were mainly broadcast around 2:30 in the morning, a time when the most vulnerable and desperate people, those who couldn’t sleep due to their problems, were more likely to seek help from these supposed experts.

The sets of these programs were usually archaic, with tables overloaded with candles and mystical instruments. The psychic on duty was often accompanied by a presenter who continuously praised their supposed powers.

The psychic’s first question to the caller was always: “Hey, dear, I see here that you have problems, right?”. This generic question was a tactic to gain the trust of viewers, many of whom were indeed going through difficult times.

Hidden Costs and Fraudulent Techniques

The report revealed the high costs associated with these services. For example, the 806 number of Cuatro Astros charged 1.18 euros per minute on landlines and 1.53 euros on mobile networks. People who wanted to speak live with the psychic had only one minute to receive their prediction, often resulting in multiple calls and high costs.

Isabel Escribano, a viewer of Astro TV, shared her experience: “I made three calls, the first one lasting half an hour without receiving any service and being strung along, the second one for 20 minutes with the same result and the last one for 20 minutes to complain, unsuccessfully. I spent almost 100 euros,” she stated.

Behind these programs lies a very profitable business. Viewers, mostly vulnerable and stressed people, were the perfect targets for these scammers.

Psychologist Luis Muiño explained that “the format is aimed at people who are going through a stressful time, who are more vulnerable and desperately need help or a glimmer of hope.” This nighttime vulnerability made these programs viable.

Consequences of Psychic Scams

The consequences of these scams go beyond financial losses. Victims of these frauds often experience a deterioration in their mental and emotional health. The hope of finding a solution to their problems turns into profound disappointment, increasing feelings of hopelessness and vulnerability.

The constant bombardment of false promises can lead people to depend on these programs and services, desperately seeking a solution that never comes. This dependency can exacerbate pre-existing issues of anxiety, depression and stress, creating a vicious cycle that is hard to escape.

Victims often feel shame and fear of being judged for falling for these scams, leading them to remain silent about their situation. This stigmatization hinders their search for help and support, perpetuating isolation and suffering.

Moreover, the fear of being ridiculed for their gullibility can make victims avoid sharing their experiences even with close friends and family. This silence increases their emotional suffering and prevents collective action against the scammers, leaving other potential victims without adequate warnings. Victims may feel their identity has been compromised, leading to a loss of self-esteem and confidence in their own judgments.

Legal and Economic Consequences for Victims

From a legal standpoint, these scams present a significant challenge. Although there are laws regulating deceptive commercial practices, enforcing these laws can be complicated due to the intangible nature of the services offered by psychics.

Victims rarely recover the lost money and in many cases, the scammers continue to operate with impunity.

Consulting psychics during the night presents specific problems. The lack of effective regulation and the easy access to these programs during vulnerable nighttime hours increase the risk of being scammed.

On the other hand, the high fees and hidden charges can lead people to incur serious debt, worsening their financial and emotional situation.

Deceptive Methods Used by Psychics

The psychics and witches who operate on television employ various tactics to deceive vulnerable people. These strategies are designed to exploit the emotions and psychology of viewers, making them believe in supernatural abilities they do not possess.

Emotional Manipulation Techniques

One of the most common tactics is emotional manipulation: psychics use carefully crafted language to create a sense of urgency and desperation.

Phrases like “I see you have many problems” or “I feel negative energy around you” are examples of how they manipulate viewers into feeling they need immediate help.

Generalized Information as a Deception Tactic

Psychics’ predictions are often based on general information that can apply to a wide group of people. Vague questions and statements like “you have experienced difficult times recently” or “someone close to you is worried” are so ambiguous that they can resonate with almost anyone.

This technique, known as “cold reading,” allows them to appear as if they have deep knowledge about viewers’ lives without needing specific information.

The environment of these programs is designed to impress and convince. Archaic sets, tables loaded with candles, crystals and other mystical instruments create an atmosphere of authenticity and supernatural power. Additionally, the presence of a presenter who constantly praises the psychic’s abilities reinforces the show’s credibility.

Accessibility and Costs in the Psychic Industry

Another deception method is the cost structure and limited accessibility. Per-minute fees and prolonged waiting times are designed to maximize revenue while minimizing actual interaction time.

Viewers often find themselves spending large sums of money without receiving the promised service, trapped in a cycle of calls and payments.

Emotional and Financial Dependency

Finally, many psychics foster continued dependency by suggesting that viewers’ problems require multiple sessions to be resolved. This not only increases costs but also keeps clients emotionally and financially tied to the psychic’s services.

Measures to Protect Against Psychic Scams

Given the prevalence and deceptive tactics of television psychics, it is crucial for people to take measures to protect themselves from these scams. Education and awareness are key to avoiding these traps.

The first line of defense is learning to recognize warning signs. Any service that promises supernatural results or miraculous cures, especially in exchange for money, should be viewed with skepticism.

Vague and generalized claims are another indication that the psychic may be using manipulation techniques.

Before trusting any psychic service, it is important to research and seek opinions from others. Online reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insight into the legitimacy of the service.

However, it is important to remember that some scammers may create fake reviews to enhance their reputation.

Precautions Against Nighttime Psychic Services

Psychic programs broadcast during nighttime hours are particularly dangerous due to the vulnerability of viewers at that time. Avoiding these programs and not making calls to paid lines at night can significantly reduce the risk of being scammed.

If one is going through a stressful or vulnerable time, it is safer and more beneficial to seek help from mental health professionals, such as psychologists or therapists. These professionals are trained to offer support and science-based solutions without the risk of financial exploitation.

If there is a suspicion that a psychic or television program is committing fraud, it is important to report it to the appropriate authorities. Reporting can help protect others and take legal action against scammers.

Finally, educating friends and family about the risks of psychic scams can create a network of support and prevention. Sharing information and personal experiences can increase awareness and reduce the likelihood of others falling victim to these scams.

The Fight Against Psychic Scams

Psychic scams on Spanish television have proven to be a persistent and harmful problem, especially for the most vulnerable people. The program “Al Descubierto” on 13TV exposed the deceptive tactics and devastating consequences of these supposed psychics, highlighting the need for greater regulation and public awareness.

The psychic industry exploits those who desperately seek solutions to their problems, using emotional manipulation techniques, high costs and a deceptive stage environment to keep their victims trapped. The dependency created by these services not only affects people financially but also deteriorates their mental and emotional health.

To protect against these scams, it is crucial to recognize warning signs, properly inform oneself, avoid nighttime programs and seek legitimate professional help. Reporting suspicious activities and educating the community about the risks associated with psychics and witches on television is a fundamental step in reducing their impact.

In summary, the fight against psychic scams requires a combination of education, caution and collective action. Only through these efforts can we protect vulnerable people and ensure they are not exploited by those who take advantage of their desperation and need for hope.

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