Reflections and Thoughts

Writings and stories of real life, anecdotes, curiosities, life circumstances, reflections on friendship, love, family, faith, hope, wisdom…

The true value of things

verdadero valor de las cosas / true value of things

Christmas was only five days away. I was not yet fully immersed in the Christmas spirit. The parking lots were overcrowded and the chaos inside the stores was even worse. Even the aisles were inaccessible. I came today, but why, I asked myself.

The Way to Happiness

Felicidad / Happiness

Happiness is a choice, starts with the decision to be happy. Childhood is a perfect example of how happiness can be spontaneous. During that stage of life we saw life as a wonderful, magical adventure, with no worries or responsibilities.

What I learned through experience

Lo que aprendí a través de la experiencia / What I learned through experience

Discover the most important life lessons I learned through experience. From listening to elders to valuing small moments, to the importance of kindness and empathy. Learn how patience and honesty can make a difference, and how a simple gesture of compassion can change someone’s life.

The First Christmas

La Primera Navidad / The First Christmas

To support his family, 7-year-old Peter worked in Mr. John’s jewelry store while the other children helped at home with Christmas Eve preparations. Mr. John was a wealthy jeweler who had no family. He only cared about his money and saw Peter as an ordinary employee, not a child.

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