New Moon and Christmas Spirit

New Moon and Christmas Spirit,

The winter solstice occurs on Wednesday, December 21, when the sun enters the sign of Capricorn. At this time, humanity is illuminated by the brightness of our sun, which is at its highest point in the zodiac.

Meaning of Christmas Spirit with New Moon

This is also the time when the longest night of the year occurs in the northern latitude and a very special energy floods the world: it is the arrival of the Spirit of Christmas. On this day, we usually create our wish list.

There will be a wonderful cosmic opportunity on this occasion because, on December 21, our satellite will be a few days away from reaching its New Moon phase, whose energy is very special for directing our wishes to the cosmos.

Therefore, on December 21, strongly visualize your wishes. They will be seeded in the universe and will begin to gestate on December 23, when the Capricorn New Moon will take place, which will allow you to give structure and physical form to what you initially imagined in your mind.


This is a sign that has a great capacity for work and is persistent, tenacious and self-centered.

As the zodiac sign that structures, concretizes and shapes things, it is a sign of responsibility and constant effort. It demands a sense of utility and at the same time is utilitarian, which means that it evaluates both people and objects in terms of their usefulness.

Capitalism is similar to the mountain goat in that it ascends slowly, faces challenges head-on and completes tasks with humility and dedication until it reaches its goal, the summit.

Capricorn is associated in the material world with the exercise of real power, not ostentatious power, but the power that is actually used. It is the sign that controls, structures, impose laws and maintains discipline.

Thanks to his sense of responsibility, the mature individual who secures leadership positions is also the one who manages budgets with order and rigor.

Most Spiritual Signs

Despite its connection to the material world, Capricorn is one of the most spiritual signs and is capable of asceticism, sacrifice and enduring difficult trials to defend the truth. It is the sign that represents wisdom and maturity.

Saturn is the star of restraint, discipline and concentration and the ruling planet of Capricorn. It is the one that establishes limits and structures, so it rules the bones and is related to the skin.

The difficulties associated with its transit led the ancients to view it negatively, but the truth is that Saturn can reward us with great achievement, success and recognition as a result of all that we have worked so hard and persistently to cultivate.


He is a wise and stern teacher who guides you in the right direction, presents you with challenges to help you avoid repeating bad habits, gives you the strength of character so that you stay away from reckless behavior and imposes his law so that you learn to live in society and to recognize that your rights end where the rights of others begin.

This limit is imposed by Saturn. Saturn’s “tests” are the result of your past behavior and if it was morally upright, you will always benefit from the results.

Saturn is called “malefic” because he is intolerant of mistakes and a strict teacher who wants to put you on the right path. He was the father who ate his children to spit them out perfectly in ancient mythology.

It is the Christ consciousness that is present these days and takes you on a journey into the depths of your spirits to commemorate Christmas, the birth of Christ, which is a cosmic event and the beginning of all manifestations.

This teacher, within his severity, is loving and wants to guide you on the path of goodness.

Christ must be born as the principle of light and divine love in every human soul

As long as a person lacks these qualities, the Christ Child cannot be born within him; he can celebrate and wait, but nothing will happen. What is missing is the desire within each person to give birth to Him; that is the true meaning of the Christmas spirit.

If you connect with this moment, you will give more energy to your resolutions so that you can start next year with clear goals and some achievements already in your power. The New Moon that will occur after the arrival of the Spirit of Christmas marks the beginning of a 28-day period.

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