Halloween in Colombia: Mystery and Tradition

Halloween in Colombia: Mystery and Tradition, InfoMistico.com

In Colombia, Halloween, a festivity awash in color and costumes, also harbors a darker and more profound aspect. This date is not just celebrated with candy and costumes, but also becomes a melting pot where joy and mystery intermingle.

Halloween in Colombia: A Blend of Joy and Hidden Mystery

Unveiling the Dark Side of All Hallows’ Eve

In the shadows of the night, some find the perfect opportunity to delve into occult practices and carry out esoteric rituals. Belief in the supernatural and occultism intertwine with tradition, creating a mosaic of experiences and beliefs ranging from childlike fun to the most enigmatic rituals.

In the celebration of Halloween, widely recognized for its costumes and candies, there lies a darker and more enigmatic facet. For some, this event becomes a portal to occult practices and esoteric rituals, shrouded in mystery and dark forces.

While some view it as mere entertainment, others perceive this date as a convergence of mystical energies. This division of opinions evokes the eternal controversy over the reality of mythical beings and their existence in our dimension. As the popular saying goes, even if some don’t believe in witches, they exist on some plane of our reality.

During Halloween, ceremonies and spirit invocations intensify, sparking debates among believers and skeptics. In Colombia, this date is seized by some to perform rites and ceremonies, seeking contact with the beyond.

Mysteries in Colombian Cemeteries During Halloween

Stories and Anecdotes from Night Watchmen

Guardians and cemetery workers in various regions of the country have shared experiences related to unusual practices during this season. According to testimonies, it is common to find objects related to occult rituals, such as dolls, cattle tongues, and other mysterious items.

José Ramos, a watchman at the Universal Cemetery, emphasizes the need to reinforce security to prevent these rituals in cemeteries. Others, like Roberto Castilla, with years of experience at the same cemetery, recount anecdotes about the decrease of these acts in recent years, though they persist.

Castilla, a skeptic, humorously recalls a colleague who, far from fearing these rituals, would take the objects found in them, showing a casual attitude towards these practices. These stories, intertwined with the celebration of Halloween, reflect the diverse ways the date is experienced in Colombia, balancing between fun and mystery.

The Santa María del Sur Cemetery, lacking night surveillance, transforms into a realm of mysteries and shadows. Gravediggers and nearby residents have reported frequent acts of desecration in this burial ground.

The scene is bleak, with destroyed graves and exposed mortal remains, revealing a macabre and disturbing side.

Dark and Paranormal Rituals in Halloween Celebrations

Testimonies and Disturbing Findings in Colombia

Manuel Figueroa, cemetery administrator, along with neighbors, have observed unsettling acts, such as the discovery of dog heads and objects associated with rituals on graves. According to accounts, unknown individuals, dressed in black or white, desecrated the graves, extracting skulls and bones for occult practices.

Leonardo Serrato, a parapsychologist, notes that these dates are conducive to dark rituals, contrasting with the solemnity of Holy Week. In his office, Serrato has noticed an increase in the demand for esoteric services, many of which he considers ethically reprehensible. He warns about the intense negative energies manifested during these days.

Recently, two children in the Rebolo neighborhood made an alarming discovery: witchcraft elements, including cigars, decomposing organic material, and dolls with pins, evidence of an occult ritual. The local community, as Eleidi Zambrano, a neighborhood resident, reports, is deeply unsettled by these findings.

Despite these shadowy events, Halloween night in the city will see the presence of numerous innocent costumes, a contrasting image of festivity and joy.

Safety Tips for a Smooth Halloween Celebration

Enjoying Halloween in Colombia with Caution and Joy

It’s crucial to take precautionary measures during these festivities: ensuring that children are not alone when trick-or-treating, avoiding dark or less-traveled areas that may be hotspots for criminal activity or satanic cult practices, and promoting the safe use of pedestrian areas to prevent accidents.

These recommendations aim to ensure a safe celebration free from harmful incidents.

The celebration of Halloween in Colombia is an intricate tapestry of traditions and beliefs, where joy and mystery coexist. While the streets fill with laughter and colorful costumes, hidden corners reveal occult practices and rituals that challenge our understanding.

This duality reflects the rich cultural diversity of Colombia, where the modern meets the ancestral, and the visible intersects with the invisible.

During these celebrations, it’s critical to remain cautious and protect the younger ones, ensuring that the magic of Halloween is experienced in a safe and enchanting environment.

Thus, as the shadows of the night fade away, hope is renewed that each Halloween will be a time to enjoy fantasy and mystery, always respecting the veil that separates our world from the realm of the unknown.