Witchcraft is an ancient mystical art that connects the soul with the hidden forces of the universe. Through rituals and spells, it aims to harmonize internal energy with nature, fostering spiritual growth and inner wisdom.

The Wheel of the Year

La rueda del año / The Wheel of the Year

Discover the eight essential Wiccan festivities that form the wheel of the year, known as the Sabbats! But that’s not all, there are also the magical New and Full Moons which appear twelve to thirteen times a year. These are the Esbats, sacred lunar days that you don’t want to miss. Come and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Wiccan witchcraft.


Witchcraft Academy

Academias de Brujas

In Mexico and other Latin American countries, this phenomenon has also been documented, but since it is not possible to carry out a rigorous census to systematically evaluate the practice of witchcraft, the results are disproportionately different from one estimate to another.

Mystical Curiosities