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Imbolc Meaning


The Celtic festival of Imbolc, on February 2, celebrates the arrival of spring and the awakening of Mother Earth. It is a pagan festival that dates back to ancient times when the Romans called it Lupercalia or The Feast of God’s Bread.

The rule of three

La regla del tres

Three threes in a row. Within the Wicca religion, there are different laws and rules for its followers to develop when practicing it better. The so-called Law Three Times Three, which promotes the contact of the human being with nature and its magic, is one of these codes.

Special gifts according to date of birth

don mágico según la fecha de tu nacimiento / special gifts according to date of birth

What happens when we are born? When a soul arrives in this world, the planets align in a unique and precise way to endow this new life with extraordinary gifts and qualities, something very similar to the well-known tale of Sleeping Beauty…

Witchcraft Academy

Academias de Brujas

In Mexico and other Latin American countries, this phenomenon has also been documented, but since it is not possible to carry out a rigorous census to systematically evaluate the practice of witchcraft, the results are disproportionately different from one estimate to another.

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