Wicca is a neo-pagan religion that reveres nature and magic. Its adherents, known as Wiccans, follow an ethical code that emphasizes respect for life and harmony with the universe. They celebrate festivals linked to natural cycles and the moon, and engage in magical rituals.

Imbolc Meaning


The Celtic festival of Imbolc, on February 2, celebrates the arrival of spring and the awakening of Mother Earth. It is a pagan festival that dates back to ancient times when the Romans called it Lupercalia or The Feast of God’s Bread.


The Rule of Three

La regla del tres / The rule of three

Discover the laws and rules of the Wicca religion to master its practice. Among them, the famous The Rule of Three stands out which promotes the connection of the human being with nature and its magical power. Through this law, adepts can improve their experience and reach a greater understanding of the universe around them.


The Wheel of the Year

La rueda del año / The Wheel of the Year

Discover the eight essential Wiccan festivities that form the wheel of the year, known as the Sabbats! But that’s not all, there are also the magical New and Full Moons which appear twelve to thirteen times a year. These are the Esbats, sacred lunar days that you don’t want to miss. Come and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Wiccan witchcraft.