The rule of three

The rule of three,

Three threes in a row. Within the Wicca religion, there are different laws and rules for its followers to develop when practicing it better. The so-called “Law Three Times Three”, which promotes the contact of the human being with nature and its magic, is one of these codes.

The rule of three of the Wicca religion

Adherents of this religion do not believe that confession or penance can serve to atone for their sins, so they must always be conscious of their behavior and respect their uniqueness.

Wiccans understand that their evolution depends on them because they are fully responsible for their actions, words and thoughts.

Within the religion, there are several provisions that, while not strictly rules, serve as guiding principles for each individual, such as living well without harming others or abiding by the so-called “Law of Three.”

The rule of three

In essence, this law tells us that everything we do – good or bad – will be returned to us three times and its logic is quite simple.

This maxim can be seen on physical, spiritual and emotional levels and extends from thoughts and words to deeds.

Taking into account everything a Wiccan thinks and does, this law of three helps to monitor behavior without the need for rules. According to this view, everyone must align their thoughts, feelings and emotions with love, abundance and positive energies.

The law of three by three can also be related to the laws of karma and cause and effect, which is why it is mentioned in other religions besides Wicca.

In metaphysical current, the law of three is used to increase the energy of the decrees to achieve various objectives or purposes. For this, the affirmations must be repeated three times each in the morning, afternoon and evening.

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