Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster,

The phrase “natural catastrophe” conjures up images of things that change our environment and cause significant and tragic losses of people, animals and property, catastrophes that seem to be beyond human control.

Natural catastrophe — Let’s look on the bright side of any situation

We tend to associate catastrophes with bad things happening, but if we broaden our perspective a bit and try to understand the genesis or reason for the event, we might find other solutions.

It will always be hard to accept the physical absence of our loved ones in the face of serious circumstances involving human loss, which is why it is so crucial to constantly give the best of ourselves to our fellow man.

Have you ever thought that when faced with a difficult situation, such as surviving a natural disaster, most of us immediately act as one big family and share with everyone from the heart, putting aside selfishness and becoming that human being we all want to see in our neighbor?

Material losses

Although recent material losses have been a bit more tolerable than before, they still have an impact on our mental stability and serve as a reminder that our ultimate wealth is spiritual and human.

Our greatest treasure is our life essence, which can change or recover in proportion to its value.

Painful emotions

Therefore, I believe that all emotional suffering is an awakening of consciousness and natural catastrophes can be Mother Nature’s way of inspiring us to love our fellow man.

Let’s put aside all the petty actions our species has done in the past, such as starting senseless wars or abusing the power of others, to name a few.

Let us focus on the good in every situation

Let us not forget that love is the reason for our existence and that it is the reason for our life. Let us focus our existence on giving to the world the best version of each of us and give back to our environment the gifts that the Creator has given us with the utmost naturalness and love that is our essence.

Video related to natural disasters

With information from El Sensei – Oswaldo Portillo

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