Halloween History Meaning

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The Black Cats

If the cat was considered a symbol of divinity among the Egyptians, the Celts, on the contrary, developed a particular fear of this mythical animal, because they believed that black cats were the feline form in which some demonic power had transformed a person, that is to say, cats were cursed persons.

In legend, the Celtic goddess Wicca turns into a black cat to commit incest with her brother, Lucifer. It is said that the body of the black cat is nothing more than the disguise used by the witches themselves to walk quietly through the city, to go unnoticed.

That is why one of the Halloween traditions warns that if a black cat crosses your path on this night, bad luck will fall on your head without remedy. Without remedy? Noooo, there is an antidote: when that happens to you immediately take seven steps backward and curse conjured!

Halloween Games

Kids have fun in many ways on Halloween, such a terrifying night; some of the options they have are:

  • Searching for spirits: kids go to the cemetery or simply in their homes, lock themselves in their rooms and in groups play by pronouncing things, to call the spirits of the dead.
  • House parties: they celebrate it by having parties in their homes with all kinds of distractions, in which parents and grandparents can participate, telling the children old terrifying legends.
  • House of terror: “the house of horrors”; in this case, the little ones enter a house of terror created by the parents for their children to have fun with their friends, with monsters hanging, mannequins and things that jump out at you, disgusting plastic viscera and sometimes with the idea that besides getting a good scare, you will collect points and get a prize (toys or candy).

Other symbols of Halloween

  • Owl: symbol of darkness. Witches use the sound of this animal to scare away, according to them, the powers of darkness. They have its image as a good luck charm.
  • Toad: it was one of the plagues sent by God on the Egyptian people since they considered it sacred and worshipped it.
  • Vampires: in the time of the Druids, demons were represented by this figure. Then you know all the mythology of Dracula and the neck-suckers.
  • Cats: it was a deity in ancient pagan cultures, in witchcraft it is used to perform all kinds of satanic practices; it was worshiped in the city of Ephesus in the Christian era.
  • Masks: they are false faces or faces that show what a person is not, they were used by jesters to make the kings of Rome laugh.
    Half moon and stars: used in occult practices, witchcraft, magic and symbols adopted by the “New Age” according to them we are in the era of “Aquarius” (astrology).
  • “Aquarius” (astrology, belief in the stars).
  • Crystal balls: used by astrologers and new age, also have similarities to the practices where quartz, pyramids and pendulums are used to bring good luck or positive magnetism and produce hypnotism.

The Halloween Bonfires

On the night of October 31, the Druids erected a huge New Year’s bonfire (for them the new year, the new life and the increase of their powers occurred on the night of Samhain).

Halloween History Meaning, InfoMistico.com

They burned animals, bonfires and human beings as a sacrifice to their Sun God and Samhain, their divinity of death. During this devilish ceremony, people wore costumes made of animal heads and skins.

Then they practiced divination, jumped over the flames or ran through them, danced and sang. All this was done to ward off evil spirits.

Their blood-curdling masks and grotesque disguises would serve to make themselves look like evil spirits, thus deceiving the spirits that would enter the world of the living that day and avoid being harmed by them.

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