Halloween: Its History and Significance

Halloween: Its History and Significance, InfoMistico.com

Black Cats

While in ancient Egypt, cats were revered as symbols of divinity, the Celts harbored a distinct fear of these mystical creatures, particularly black cats. They believed black cats were humans transformed into feline form by demonic power, essentially cursed beings.

According to legend, the Celtic goddess Wicca transformed herself into a black cat to commit incest with her brother, Lucifer. It’s said that the black cat’s body is merely a disguise used by witches to roam the streets unnoticed, blending into the shadows.

Therefore, one Halloween tradition cautions that if a black cat crosses your path on this night, bad luck will inevitably befall you. Is there no remedy? On the contrary! To counteract the curse, one must immediately take seven steps backward.

Halloween Games

Children find numerous ways to delight in the eerie excitement of Halloween night, some of which include:

  • Seeking Spirits: Venturing into cemeteries or just within their homes, children gather in darkened rooms, uttering incantations to summon the spirits of the deceased.
  • Home Parties: Celebrations are held at home with various forms of entertainment, where elders share spine-chilling legends and tales with the young.
  • House of Terror: In this thrilling activity, children enter a horror-themed space created by parents, filled with hanging monsters, mannequins, jump scares, grotesque plastic viscera, and sometimes games that not only provide a good fright but also offer rewards like toys or sweets for accumulating points.

Other Halloween Symbols

  • Owls: Seen as harbingers of darkness. Witches use the owl’s hoot to ward off, as they believe, dark powers, and keep an owl’s image as a talisman for good fortune.
  • Toads: One of the plagues sent by God upon the Egyptian people, venerated as sacred and worshipped by them.
  • Vampires: Druidic times depicted demons in this form. Then follows the entire mythology of Dracula and bloodsuckers.
  • Cats: Deified in ancient pagan cultures and used in witchcraft for various satanic rituals; revered in Ephesus during the Christian era.
  • Masks: False faces or visages displaying what one is not, employed by jesters to entertain Roman royalty.
  • Crescent Moon and Stars: Employed in occultism, witchcraft, and magic, and adopted by the “New Age” as symbols representing the “Age of Aquarius” (astrology, belief in celestial bodies).
  • Crystal Balls: Used by astrologers and the New Age, similar to practices involving quartz, pyramids, and pendulums believed to attract good fortune, positive magnetism, and induce hypnotism.

Halloween Bonfires

On the eve of October 31, Druids would erect a massive New Year’s bonfire (marking their new year, the renewal of life, and the peak of their powers during the night of Samhain).

Halloween: Its History and Significance, InfoMistico.com

They would sacrifice animals, bonfires, and even humans to honor their Sun God and Samhain, their deity of death. During this diabolical ceremony, people donned costumes made from animal heads and skins.

Participants engaged in divination leaped over or ran through the flames, and danced and sang to ward off evil spirits.

Their coagulating blood-stained masks and grotesque costumes were intended to make them appear as malevolent spirits themselves, thus deceiving the spirits entering the world of the living on that day, to avoid harm.

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