Halloween: Its History and Significance

Halloween: Its History and Significance, InfoMistico.com

Trick or Treat

The warning: “Trick or Treat” or “dulce o travesura” in Spanish. Thus, “Guy Fawkes Day” was brought to America by the earliest settlers, shifted to October 31st, and merged with the Halloween celebration.

Halloween: Its History and Significance, InfoMistico.com

Halloween Costumes

The tradition of [dressing up for Halloween]() is a relatively recent development. It’s said to have originated in France between the 14th and 15th centuries, amidst the “All Saints’ Day” celebrations, when Europe was being ravaged by the bubonic plague.

This plague instilled a profound fear of death among Catholics and, consequently, sparked their creativity.

The number of “masses” during the Day of the Dead festival increased, and many artistic representations reminding people of their mortality were created. These portrayals, known as the “Dance of Death,” eventually evolved into a genuine “costume party,” with death as the common theme.

Halloween Treats

Another deep-rooted custom of Halloween is asking for and eating sweets. It seems this tradition started in Europe in the 9th century when, each November 2nd, Christians would travel from village to village requesting “soul cakes” (pieces of sweet bread).

The more they received, the more they promised to pray for the souls of the donors’ deceased relatives. Over time, this custom blended with the Halloween festivities, becoming another characteristic aspect of the celebration.

Most significant sweets of Halloween night:

  • Black and Orange Boo Cups
  • Creepy Crawlers
  • Mini Pumpkin Patch Cakes
  • Nutty Ghosts
  • Spider Critter Cakes
  • Spooky Snack Hands
  • Frightful Sweets
  • Shortbread Fingers
  • Sugar Cookie Ghosts
  •  Gingerbread Jack-O’-Lanterns

Halloween: Its History and Significance, InfoMistico.com

Halloween Night

Legend has it that witches gather twice a year: on April 30th (the eve of May) and October 31st (the eve of “All Saints’ Day” and Halloween festivities). Summoned by the devil, they arrive on their brooms to participate in covens and learn new spells.

Today, Halloween night is acknowledged by all Satanists, occultists, and devil worshipers as the eve of the new year for witchcraft. It’s no surprise, then, that their rituals have become interwoven with the current celebration of Halloween. Interestingly, insiders claim that simply wearing clothes inside out and walking backward on Halloween night can lead to a witch appearing before you…

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