Halloween History Meaning

Halloween History Meaning, InfoMistico.com

Trick or Treat

Halloween History Meaning, InfoMistico.com

The threat: “Trick or Treat”. Thus “Guy Fawkes Day” came to America with the first settlers, moved to October 31 and merged with Halloween.

Halloween Costumes

The tradition of dressing up on Halloween is relatively recent. It is said that it was born in France between the 14th and 15th centuries, during the celebration of the “Feast of All Saints” when Europe was plagued by the bubonic plague.

Among Catholics, the plague provoked a great fear of death and, on the rebound, exalted their creativity.

Masses” on the feast of the Dead multiplied and many artistic representations were born to remind people of their mortality. These representations were known as the “Dance of Death” and eventually gave rise to an authentic “costume party” with death as a common denominator.

Halloween Candy

Another deep-rooted Halloween custom is trick-or-treating and eating candy. The tradition reportedly began in Europe in the ninth century when, every November 2, Christians went from village to village asking for “soul cakes” (pieces of sweet bread).

The more they received, the more they promised to pray for the peace of the donors’ dead relatives. Over time this custom merged with Halloween to become another typical feature of the celebration.

Most significant sweets of Halloween night (sweets of Halloween)

  • Black and Orange Boo Cups (Black and Orange Boo Cups)
  • Creepy Crawlers (creepy crawlers)
  • Mini Pumpkin Patch Cakes (mini pumpkin patch cakes)
  • Nutty Ghosts (nutty ghosts)
  • Spider Critter Cakes (spider critter cakes)
  • Spooky Snack Hands
  • Frightful Sweets
  • Shortbread Fingers (finger butter)
  • Sugar Cookie Ghosts
  • Gingerbread Jack-O’-Lanterns (jack-o’-lanterns)

Halloween History Meaning, InfoMistico.com

Witches’ Night

According to legend, witches met twice a year: on April 30 (May Eve) and October 31 (All Saints’ Eve and Halloween). Summoned by the devil, they would arrive on their brooms to participate in covens and learn new spells.

Today Halloween night is recognized by all Satanists, occultists and devil worshippers as New Year’s Eve for witchcraft. For many, it is the night when satanic and witchcraft powers are at their highest level of potency.

It is logical then that their rites have been mixed with the current celebration of Halloween. By the way, experts say that it is enough to put your clothes on backward and walk backward on Halloween night for a witch to appear to you…

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