Dental treatments and moon phases

Dental treatments and moon phases,

The moon has a great influence on both humans and nature in general. Our ancestors were masters in the art of synchronizing with nature by observing the different phases of the moon. They learned to survive in a hostile world thanks to this mysterious cosmic force.

Dental treatment according to each phase of the moon

The modern human being gradually discarded the knowledge of the natural cycles of day and night and the positions of the moon and stars considered it unimportant, even now it is considered superstitious.

Discover the secrets of the lunar cycles related to dental treatments and how to synchronize our lives to benefit from this new harmony with the natural world.

Dental treatments during the New Moon

If you fast one day during this lunar cycle, you can prevent many diseases, because it is easier for the body to eliminate accumulated toxins.

This is a good time to do a liver cleanse and consider giving up old habits that do not benefit us (tobacco, alcohol, etc.) because a new moon also means a new beginning.

Starting dental treatment during a new moon can lead to rapid healing. It is also the ideal time to start a diet because it is easier to lose weight.

Dental treatments on a crescent moon

Lasting about 13 days, these are the days of rebirth. The period of great activity, birth and growth. Fertility increases as well.

The right time to provide more vitamins to promote health.

Fillings, crowns and bridges may last less when done during the growth phase.

Dental treatments during the full moon

Its duration is one day, although its effects can be felt the day before and the day after. Dental surgery should be avoided, as complications or infections may occur.

Dental treatments during the Waning Moon

The Moon gradually grows darker again for approximately 13 days.

These are suitable days to go to the dentist, the extraction of teeth should be done in this phase or at the new Moon, as the wounds produced hardly bleed and heal quickly.

The Moon influences many more aspects of life, relationships, work, personal projects and dreams… although here we have only highlighted the most important aspects related to dental health.

Article adapted and translated by / with information from Mar Tarazona Dental Clinic

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