The Deaf Frog | Reflection and Thoughts

The Deaf Frog | Reflection and Thoughts,

In a charming forested region, where stories come alive among the leaves, a group of hardy frogs lived a journey that triggered reflections that transcend the limits of the forest.

The Frog That Defied the Abyss: A Leap Toward Hope

On their journey, while the chorus of their leaps echoed among the trees, two of them suffered an unexpected mishap: they fell into an abyss that seemed to have no end. The echo of their falls gathered the others, who peered with consternation into the deep void.

From the heights, their companions, interlacing glances of despair, concluded in a gloomy consensus:

“It’s an insurmountable abyss. They should resign themselves to their fate,” they shouted into the wind.

The Roar of Silence

However, at the bottom of that dark abyss, the two frogs were torn between life and surrender. Their legs beat the air wildly, each leaps a cry of resistance. But among them, one succumbed to the voices that fell like slabs. She let herself fall and her spirit faded into the darkness.

But the other, unyielding, redoubled her efforts. Her leaps became epic, as if she carried the spirit of all the frogs in the forest. Above, the others watched, almost in a trance, as she defied the impossible.

Until the miracle happened: she emerged from the abyss. With tears in their eyes and applause on their paws, her companions surrounded her.

“You don’t know how glad we are that you managed to get out, despite our screams!” they exclaimed.

With a smile on her face, the frog revealed her secret: she was deaf. She believed that the voices and signals from her companions were cheers and encouragement, not warnings.

The Echo of Words

This story speaks to our hearts about the immense power of our words. Like a balm or a dagger, they can heal or wound souls.

At NASA, in the United States, a poster beautifully portrays this idea. It shows a bee with the legend:

“Aerodynamically, a bee’s body is not made to fly; the good thing is that the bee doesn’t know it.”

How wonderful our society would be if we chose to be the breath in the wind of those around us if we were that invisible force that drives us to defy abysses.

In a world where challenges abound, let us be the voice that does not recognize the word “impossible.”

Because in hope and breath, often lie the most unexpected miracles.

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