Cultivating hope to overcome adversity

Cultivating hope to overcome adversity,

There are many reasons that can make us think that good things are not destined for us, nevertheless, the history shows us that those who did not give up in the face of adversity, exceeded the tests more quickly and managed to transcend.

Why hope is important for health and wellbeing?

Hope, faith, belief and expectation are somewhat synonymous and give us a sense of well-being just by thinking about them. This is the feeling we experience when things are going badly, but we believe or sense that they can get better.

This is a positive attitude that needs to be cultivated. When we ask several people why they lose hope, all the answers can be summarized in two factors:

The feeling of unfairness in life

They feel they have not received what they believe they deserved.


This refers to the lack of belief that good is meant for us, in miracles and the power we exert by thinking or wishing for something in our lives. Sadly, all too often we hear comments like these:

“We’ll see what happens,” “I can’t do anything,” or “No way, even crying is no good,” when in reality, crying can be an effective way to release painful emotions and regain the courage to make hope-filled decisions. There are many characters in history who never gave up.

Advantages of having hope

If you have little hope, it’s time to do something to increase it. There are compelling reasons why hope is important:

You will be spurred to action

Hope moves your creativity and makes you think of solutions to achieve your goals.

Be empowered

Gives you strength that will drive you to accomplish what others cannot.

Will make you more friendly, positive and kind

The hope is related to feelings based on love, which makes you try to achieve your goals without hurting others.

Provides emotional balance

Reminds you of the importance of taking care of your body, mind and spirit to accomplish your goals.

Attracts the good and the best

Changing your thought pattern, you will attract the best and the good into your life.

Decreases stress

The hope gives you the feeling that adversities are temporary, so you will always maintain peace and good spirits.

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