The Archangel Snail: A Tale of Dignity

The Archangel Snail: A Tale of Dignity,

In one of his literary works, José Luis Martín presents an inspiring story. The tiny snail, the story says, had traveled miles from the ground. As it moved, it left behind a slimy trail on every path, and with that effort, part of itself.

The Archangel Snail: A Story of Dignity and the Quest for Eternity by José Luis Martín

Upon reaching the gates of heaven, Saint Peter looked at the snail with empathy. Gently, he touched the snail with the tip of his staff and asked, “What are you looking for in heaven, little snail?”

Lifting his gaze with surprising dignity, the snail responded, “I seek eternity.”

Saint Peter chuckled warmly and asked, “Eternity? What will you do with it?”

The snail, slightly irritated, responded, “Please, don’t mock me. Am I not a divine creation, just like the archangels? Indeed, I am the archangel snail!”

Saint Peter’s laughter had a hint of irony this time. “Do you see yourself as an archangel? Archangels have golden wings, a silver shield, a sword, and crimson sandals. Where are your wings, your shield, your sword, and your sandals?”

With dignity, the snail looked up again and stated, “They are safely tucked inside my shell. They rest. They wait.”

Saint Peter, curious, asked, “And what are they waiting for?”

The snail firmly said, “They wait for a pivotal moment.”

Still thinking the snail was confused, Saint Peter asked, “Which pivotal moment?”

The snail simply said, “This one.” With that, he bravely jumped, crossing the entrance to paradise, from which he was never banished.

The Snail as a Human Mirror: Our Existence and Journey to Self-Awareness

Discoveries and Certainties: The Comparison Between Our Life and the Snail’s

In a metaphorical sense, we see ourselves in the snail of this story. We journey through life, leaving lasting marks—traces leading to our core. These are reflections of our actions and inactions.

We are like that small creature when we understand that our true purpose is to live each day as if it were the last, choosing to leave behind selfishness, fear, and indifference.

In moments of vulnerability, instead of hiding behind our beliefs and comforts, we choose to keep moving forward.

We are like this when we value discovery over certainty when we decide to embrace life’s full experiences, filled with challenges and emotions presented to us.

However, we can also relate to the snail when we feel overwhelmed and pull back, shielding our feelings and depriving our spirit of new aspirations and dreams.

As time goes on, if we feel our journey has lacked purpose, if we haven’t pursued our desires, ignored our principles, failed to bring well-being to others, or isolated ourselves from life, surrendering to adversities and our own limitations.

Indeed, we see ourselves in that snail when we recognize our insignificance and our need for a higher guide or reference. We realize that often the most valuable things are already in our hands, but they fade away unnoticed.

We understand that our mission is to nurture, deep within ourselves, values of love and kindness that help us grow as individuals, readying us for that ultimate leap forward.

Wings, Shield, Sword, and Sandals on the Journey of Self-awareness

Moving Forward with Purpose: Thoughts on the Snail, Our Reflection, and Our Life Tools

The symbolic snail becomes our mirror when we look towards the horizon and choose to climb, knowing we have tools like wings, armor, sword, and footwear:


They represent hope and the drive that moves our spirit, pushing us to face life with resolution, and if necessary, to shoulder its weight as we bravely create our own path, filling it with life at every turn. They inspire us to be fearless, resisting the complacency that holds us back and pushes us into mediocrity.


This inner clarity helps us differentiate right from wrong, suitable from unsuitable. It’s the strong belief that fuels our faith, enabling us to protect and uphold our values, even at the risk of our own lives.

It mirrors our heart and intellect, urging us to be true and consistent. The shield is the vital bastion that protects our core from fleeting distractions, guiding us towards a purposeful life, and showing us the way forward.


It’s the tool to face the puzzles of pain. This tool reminds us that in life, we should fear stagnation, fear, and inaction more than pain. The sword transforms us into passionate beings, full of skill, commitment, and dedication to our unique purpose.


They remind us of the essence of freedom, teaching that everyone is the maker of their fate. This footwear helps us challenge the complacency that can bind us; it shields us from hardships and setbacks; ensuring security with each step, be it in bright times or darker moments. They teach that every progress might demand effort and face challenges, but it can also bring satisfaction, spiritual depth, and human fulfillment.

With Determination

In conclusion, we see ourselves in that snail which, despite moving slowly, had the courage to excel, charting a distinct path of grit and distinction, reaching great heights. When standing at the doors of the most beautiful destiny, it still had the strength to leap brilliantly towards a new dawn, into eternity.

We relate to that small snail that transformed into a magnificent archangel, as all of us will eventually need to gather courage and calmness to make that final fearless leap, free of regrets and concerns.

Turn Every Challenge into Your Ally

Every hurdle in life conceals undiscovered potential. Instead of running from difficulty, why not learn to dance with it and find the hidden rhythms in the rain?

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