Organic Portals (soulless beings)

Organic Portals (soulless beings),

What is known as a human being consists of the body and the soul, two distinct entities. However, not all people possess a “human” soul.

The Organic Portals (soulless beings), what are they?

The concept of a human being is the combination of body and soul, which are two distinct entities. However, not all people possess a “human” soul.

Somehow, in some people, the soul recedes and leaves the physical body or container, becoming Organic Portals that are then occupied by various entities.

There are soulless beings

The so-called Organic Portals, or what we commonly call psychopaths, are a variety of soulless beings who feed on “soulful” beings to develop their higher chakras and convince us that they are on par with us.

Sickness and death exhaust and disturb us emotionally. Human beings suffer when large-scale and unique catastrophes occur. In all situations of suffering that endanger our inner well-being, we should try to keep our emotions under control as much as possible.

Suffering is a trap set to emotionally exhaust people and break their connection with the divine being within.

Sacrifice and suffering

The greatest trick of religions is to make us believe that the path of sacrifice and suffering is the only way to enlightenment or liberation.

This is a widespread fallacy that claims that suffering is for the benefit of the spiritual being and will be compensated with a reward in a heavenly home.

To deceive us into believing that suffering is necessary, the established system or the “Controllers” have given us the idea that suffering has value in philosophies and religions.

The goal is to program beings to accept all suffering and make it appear to be the result of a divine mandate.

Inner divine energy

To deprive “Beings” of their inner divine energy, emotional exploitation, programming and contamination of “Beings” are directly responsible for suffering.

There is no suffering in the divine creation. The holographic creation is the direct cause of suffering caused by accidents, injury, disease, degeneration, emotional exploitation and fear of many things, including physical death.

Not out of irrational necessity, but as a practical precaution against the depletion of our energy, there is an urgent need to locate the Organic Portals. The manipulation of suffering is the responsibility of the Organic Portals because, ultimately, it is what fuels them.

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