International Beer Day

International Beer Day,

International Beer Day, which is celebrated this Friday, is the perfect excuse to have a refreshing drink and to please your palate you can turn to the stars because astrology tells us which is the ideal for your zodiac sign.

International Beer Day, which is the perfect beer according to the zodiac sign?

Beer is one of the oldest fermented beverages of mankind, the first indications date back to the Sumerians around 4,000 BC., however, over time the technique was improved until it had the exquisiteness that we have today.

This event began to celebrate in 2007 and has its origin in a small bar in Santa Cruz, California; It became so popular that it is now commemorated all over the world.

There are different types of beer and just as each one has its character, it can be associated with the personality of the signs according to astrologers from the Astrocentro site, where they tell us which is the ideal for the entire zodiac.


Being a sign that needs strong emotions, needs a strong character beer with a pronounced flavor.


Is traditional and like the customs that are inherited over the years, so their palate is not very compatible with eccentric flavors. Thus your ideal beer is a classic.


The new flavors arouse Gemini’s curiosity, so your ideal beer has to be a different flavor, but light in body.


Beer is only drunk by Cancer on special occasions like family gatherings and celebrations. Your palate harmonizes well with fruity, light and perfumed flavors.


Lover of luxury, the finer things in life and elegant flavors. When he doesn’t have a champagne available, regular but renowned beer is the one that will meet your wide expectations.


Moderation is the main thing in Virgo, that’s why he only drinks on rare occasions. International Beer Day is the perfect time to taste a light beer with a few degrees of alcohol.


Beyond drinking, what Libra likes is being surrounded by loved ones. for a special occasion light and balanced beer, it will be the icing on the cake at your social gatherings.


A relaxing drink is what Scorpio needs to lose inhibitions and create new relationships. In moderation, you can taste this Friday’s Irish beer with powerful aromas.


Are very given to exploring new horizons and flavors. A beer of international stature it is ideal to commemorate this day.


Doesn’t like to lose control, that’s why he’s not a big fan of alcoholic beverages, however, when allowed to relax in the comfort of his home, he can choose recognized and good quality beers.


Beer is a traditional ally of Aquarius; it is one of his favorite drinks because it allows him to start a good conversation. The ideal for this Friday is one with scented flavors.


The ideal beer for Pisces is a light and very cold one… It is a dreamy sign and the contact of your palate with this drink leads you to stimulate your creativity, so you should consume it in moderation.