Astrological Chart Elon Musk

Astrological Chart Elon Musk,

One figure who has commented on Prometheus and been referred to in Promethean terms, is Elon Musk as his company Neurolink aims to realize ultra-high-bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to link humans and computers.

Astrological Chart of Elon Musk, the Prometheus of the 21st Century

His SpaceX company was founded to enable the colonization of Mars to save humanity from a possible disaster.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa. His zodiac sign is Cancer, a cardinal water sign, family-oriented, family-oriented and being conjunct Mercury gives him a very capable mind, oratorical skills and negotiating skills.

The Sun is one of his most important planets, along with Uranus and Mercury. The Sun represents will and magnetism giving him charismatic and leadership qualities; this is the man who likes to think big and progresses according to what he decides.

Solar fragility may be related to the temptation of pride or extreme authority. We must remember that the barrier between pride and vanity is very limited, so Elon Musk must be careful not to overreach himself and to preserve the altruism of the heart that is part of his magic.

Mercury is among its dominant planets.

Undoubtedly he is very mental, observant, shrewd and attracted to communication.

Can become dangerous if he does not handle it properly as his sensitivity, emotions and heart impulses can give preference to thought, which can lead people to believe that he is cunning but cruel, he can lose his purpose due to his extreme intellectualization.

Uranus is important in his chart, it agrees with independence, originality, or even rebelliousness and marginality.

Certainly, he is a passionate man who is in search of any kind of revolutionary action or idea and is always interested in new things, typical of Uranus. Uranians are never predictable and when you think they are level-headed and well settled they change everything.

Moon in Virgo

Your Moon is in Virgo, so in addition to being a tenacious worker, you are also considerably good at reading between the lines and developing clear procedures to optimize your future goals.

A perfectionist, which, on the one hand, can make him more critical of himself and others, but also speaks to his formidable success. Businessman, capable of investigating and examining even the smallest detail before launching something.

Your inventions

All his inventions are related to high-level services and security.

Security in electronic payments (Paypal), electric cars (Tesla), large-scale communications (Starlink) and brain capabilities (Neurolink).

Storing memories on a chip is a good representation of the Cancer-Virgo association.

Do not forget that Cancers are melancholic people who are enraptured by memories and what better idea would it be than to put technology to the benefit of memory, with a chip that lets you download your memories on an electronic device?

Conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio

The most prominent aspect of your natal chart is the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio. Neptune is the planet of intuition and the mystical and Jupiter is a planet connected to the future and good luck.

This explains his attraction to mysterious cultures such as Ancient Egypt and his interest in extraterrestrial intelligence. This aspect also brings an above-average amount of luck and a humanitarian outlook on life.

Well-respected by many and loathed by many others, this man does not spend money on ostentatious vacations or expensive hobbies. His dream is the arrival of man on the planet Mars before 2030.


The myth can be a tool for studying the versatile world around us. Fantasy novels, atomic bombs and Musk’s spaceship would have been inconceivable for the Greeks to link with Prometheus, however, his function as a symbol of the risks or benefits of knowledge symbolizes that myth can be used for different purposes.

In this century, it is common to hear individuals defined as “Prometheans”. Usually, they are people who practice within the areas of science and technology and are speculated to push the limits of human endeavor.

Prometheus, pictured as a scholar and revolutionary, becomes a representation of the human spirit.

The myth of Prometheus in classical Greek mythology is fascinating.

Prometheus belonged to the lineage of the Titans and is credited with the creation of mankind and its protection from the gods. Thanks to Prometheus, man went from a dark and primitive era to civilization.

Musk is one of the most brilliant minds in existence today. He is respected not only for his disruptive ideas but for his mission to help humanity through the implementation of advanced technologies.

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