In the sands of time, Egypt stands as an enigma shrouded in mystery. Its pyramids, silent guardians of ancient secrets, rise majestically, defying the heavens. The Nile, a life-giving force, meanders, weaving tales of gods and pharaohs, an everlasting legacy of splendor and hidden wisdom.

New Coptic Pope After Shenouda III

Patriarca de la Iglesia Ortodoxa

In a historic and symbolic turn, the election of the 119th Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church took an unexpected path. Following Shenouda III’s death, a child, in an act of faith and tradition, selected the new spiritual leader. This event marks not only a change in the ecclesiastical structure but also reflects the social and political dynamics of Egypt, a country in full transformation after Mubarak’s overthrow.

Religious beliefs and practices

Aaron: The Man, The Myth, The Priest

Aaron: The Man, the Myth, the Priest / Aarón: El Hombre, el Mito, el Sacerdote

Aaron was not just Moses’ brother, but also a strong spiritual leader. Miracles sprang from his staff, and his voice provided guidance for Israel. Throughout the Exodus, Aaron stood out as Moses’ right-hand man, displaying strength and commitment. Learn more about this iconic priest who, alongside his brother, changed the fate of a nation.

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