In the sands of time, Egypt stands as an enigma wrapped in mystery. Its pyramids, eternal guardians of ancient secrets, rise majestically. The pharaohs, with their hidden rituals, beckon us to delve into the labyrinths of the afterlife, where hieroglyphs whisper tales of gods and magic. Egyptology is the bridge between our world and the lost knowledge of an immortal civilization.

Cleopatra: her erudite legacy

The Erudite Legacy of Cleopatra / El Legado Erudito de Cleopatra

Dive into the amazing world of Cleopatra and her vast knowledge in Ancient Egypt. Discover how this outstanding ruling queen was fluent in nine languages and explored disciplines such as medicine, alchemy and economics. Explore her legacy as one of the most outstanding scholars of her time and her impact on the history of medicine and science.

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Nefertiti’s Historic Return to the Neues Museum in Berlin


The return of Nefertiti’s bust to the Neues Museum marks a monumental step in Berlin’s cultural revival. Celebrating both historical preservation and modern innovation, this event reaffirms the city’s commitment to honoring and safeguarding its rich cultural heritage.

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