Celtic Mythology

Explore the rich Celtic mythology and discover the fascinating religion, gods, heroes and festivals of this ancient culture. Find informative articles and precise references to delve deeper into their Celtic worship and understand their historical legacy. Immerse yourself in a world of myths and legends and learn everything about Celtic mythology with our extensive collection of resources.

Ostara Festival / Festival de Ostara

The Ostara / Eostre Festival

The arrival of spring is a time of renewal, growth and connection with nature. As we celebrate the Spring Equinox, we also honor the Celtic and Germanic deities of fertility and spring, Ostara and Eostre. Let us take a moment to reflect on the balance and harmony in our lives and unleash our creativity to the fullest during this special season.


Yule Celebration

Samhain marked the beginning of the year for the Celts. The seasonal and agricultural calendars served as the basis for traditional Celtic holidays. It is celebrated from December 21 to January 1.

Horóscopo Druida / Druid Horoscope

Druidic Astrology

The ancient Celtic culture, known for its deep connection with nature, conceived the forest as its sacred temple and saw the trees and creatures that resided in it as deities. Each tree was considered sacrosanct, with a unique value and beneficial force. The Druids, their wise men and spiritual leaders, selected 21 of these sacred trees, associating them with each season or period of the year in which they blossom, giving rise to a system of spiritual guidance: the Celtic horoscope.

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