Druidic Astrology

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HAWTHORN (May 13 to June 9)

Hawthorn-born individuals shine with optimism and independence. Their lives are filled with vitality and self-confidence. Born leaders, they often attract individuals who admire and follow them, inspired by their invigorating attitude.

Future-oriented, they are always dreaming, embracing challenges and nurturing illusions. However, this forward-focused mentality can also render them prone to distraction, dispersion and occasional disorganization.

They relish the notion of being seen as rebels and adventurers and in their romantic life, they are ever in pursuit of their ideal love story. But this journey is not without obstacles. When their plans meet resistance, they can become anxious, restless and even prone to outbursts of frustration and helplessness.

OAK (June 10 to July 7)

Oak-born individuals are notable for their formidable strength of character, generous demeanor and unwavering optimism that ultimately, everything will work out. They show protective and nurturing tendencies towards their close-knit circle and harbor an intense passion for learning and history which they revere wholeheartedly.

Their respect for knowledge and education positions them as exceptional teachers and influential opinion leaders. They exude a natural charisma and seek the companionship of those who intellectually challenge them and offer opportunities for learning.

These individuals relish the feeling of control, particularly over their own lives and they value an extensive network of friends and a large family, with the intention of being active contributors to their communities.

HOLLY (July 8 to August 4)

Those born under the Holly sign are ambitious, energetic and self-assured, while also exhibiting generosity, kindness and warmth. They often assume leadership roles, drawn to positions of influence. They face obstacles head-on and are devoted to overcoming challenges.

They distinguish themselves with their perfectionistic tendencies and, despite their leadership capabilities, they are not averse to ceding control and authority to those they deem more suitable.

Known for their exceptional organizational skills and their ability to delegate responsibilities effectively, they excel in administrative and managerial roles. Their passion also extends to their love and sexual life.

HAZEL (August 5 to September 1)

Hazel-born individuals often stand out with their remarkable intelligence, efficiency organizational skills, scholarly tendencies and exceptional memory. They stay abreast of current events and often assume the role of ‘know-it-alls’ within their group. They possess superior intellectual sharpness and place a high value on justice and solidarity.

While love plays a significant role in their lives, they only fall for those they deeply admire. They are drawn to the realms of science, analytics, numbers and order, thus excelling at any challenge or activity that involves meticulous planning and organization.

VINE (September 2 to 29)

Those born under the sign of Vine possess fluid personalities, as changeable as the shifting seasons. This might render them volatile, unpredictable, indecisive and paradoxical.

Nonetheless, their mutable nature harbors its own benefits. They are skilled at viewing a situation from multiple perspectives and possess a robust capacity for empathy, making them excellent mediators.

On the flip side, they may exhibit a tendency to attribute their own errors to others, can be emotionally reliant on those around them and might undergo extreme mood swings, ranging from exhilaration to despair. Yet, in spite of their volatility, they often exude charm, elegance and craftiness.

IVY (September 30 to October 27)

Ivy-born individuals are often generous, faithful, filled with compassion and possess a strong inclination to assist others. They are known for their charisma, loyalty and dedication. Even in the face of adversity, their optimism remains unshaken, consistently appearing cheerful and emanating positive energy.

REED (October 28 to November 24)

Reed natives excel at safeguarding secrets, yet they also master the art of revealing them. They are perpetual seekers of truth with a desire to understand the mechanics of things, thus potentially thriving in professions such as journalism, research or law enforcement.

Their fascination with intriguing narratives can also draw them towards rumors and scandals. They seem to possess comprehensive knowledge of the intricate details of matters.

In romantic relationships, they are passionate and magnetic, yet their stubbornness and rebellious nature might complicate their love lives. They are instinctual and provocative, with a persistent need for admiration.

ELDER (November 25 to December 23)

Elder-born individuals typically exhibit frankness, patience and determination, favoring a tranquil existence devoid of conflict. They serve as the “wise elders” of their communities, embodying peace, intelligence and intellectualism, though they may also lean towards conservatism.

They find joy in philosophical contemplation and immersing themselves in their thoughts, often eschewing the petty disputes of daily life.

Despite their honesty and openness, traits that would serve them well in roles such as judges or lawyers, they may also display a self-centered and indifferent propensity to assume they’re invariably right.

They adhere strongly to traditional values and moral codes, believing their superiority lies in their time-tested endurance. However, this can render them perceived as outdated and obstinate, hesitant to embrace modernity and novel ways of thinking.