Qatar 2022 Ritual

Qatar 2022 Ritual,

Here is a ritual to perform if you want the Mexican, American, or any other World Cup team to receive spiritual support to win a match.

Qatar 2022 Ritual for your favorite soccer team

Our national team is expected to play an essential role in the upcoming Qatar 2022 World Cup, but we know our best intentions will not be enough.

There is a ritual that can help your favorite team win the next match if you wish.

We all understand that the performance of both teams and, more often than not, the jersey was worn, determine whether the outcome will be favorable. However, sometimes pure luck intervenes and determines whether a player is eliminated or advances to the next round.

You will need some objects that symbolize your choice and others that have the power to attract good fortune for this lucky ritual. Which are:

  • A symbol or object representative of the opposing team.
  • A white candle – The flag or jersey of your national team.
  • Laurel

Before the match

One or two hours before the start of the match, start by freezing the object of the opposing team. This behavior is a symbol of the opponent’s inability to carry out their plans, poor play and disorganized teamwork.

You can list the names of key players of the opposing team that could harm yours.

The next step is to send positive energy to your team. To do this, light the white candle with a match and place it in a flat, open place. Now, while saying “we will win, we will be victorious in this match”, pass the laurel leaves through the candle and place them on your team’s flag or jersey.

Qatar World Cup

Until the referee ends the match, you must leave the altar with the lit candle, the laurel leaves on the jersey or flag and the object representing the opposing team in the freezer.

Rituals are part of the folklore of our culture, so why not use their symbolism to inspire our national team during the World Cup in Qatar? Who knows? Maybe it will yield better results than expected.

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