Lessons in Indifference: Wisdom from a Master

Lessons in Indifference: Wisdom from a Master, InfoMistico.com

In a serene village, a revered master imparts wisdom to his sole disciple. Through an unconventional lesson in a cemetery, the disciple begins to grasp the power of indifference and internal serenity, confronting the solitude and silence of the graves.

Learning about Indifference: Teachings from a Wise Master

The disciple, young and eager, sought to understand the mysteries of the world. One day, the master decided to deliver an unusual lesson.

As the sky blazed with orange and gold hues, the master calmly said to his disciple, “Dear one, go to the cemetery and lavish praise on the dead with all your might.” Confused but obedient, the disciple made his way to the cemetery. There, amidst the sepulchral silence, he began to extol the dead, praising their imaginary virtues and achievements.

Upon returning, the master inquired: “What did the dead reply?” “Nothing,” the disciple answered, still perplexed. “Now, return and hurl insults at them,” commanded the master.

Reluctantly, the disciple complied. He shouted slurs into the wind, but again, only silence replied. Back with the master, who wore a subtle smile, he asked: “And now, what did they say?” “Nothing,” the disciple replied.

With a serene gaze, the master concluded: “That’s how you must be: indifferent, like the dead, to others’ praise and insults.”

The Influence of Words: A Lesson in the Cemetery

During his first visit to the cemetery, the disciple confronted the loneliness of the graves. Initially, his praises felt odd on his lips, echoing among tombstones and trees. He wondered about the effect of his words on the perpetual silence.

But, receiving no response, he was enveloped by a sense of emptiness. The praises seemed to dissipate into the air, without any impact.

The second visit proved even more challenging. Insulting the dead was against his nature. With each insult, he awaited some reaction, a sign that his words meant something. But again, only the echo of his voice returned the reality: the dead do not respond.

This experience left the disciple deeply reflective about the weight of words. He began to understand that both praises and insults only hold the value one decides to assign them.

The Strength of Indifference: A Path to Internal Fortitude

Back with his master, the disciple pondered his experience. Words, laden with emotions, did not affect those no longer of this world. He began to comprehend the lesson: indifference was not apathy, but an internal strength.

The master, sensing his understanding, elaborated: “Do not let others’ words dictate your worth. Neither praise should elevate you, nor insults sink you.” Thus, the disciple learned that true strength lies in internal serenity, in staying true to oneself, beyond others’ opinions.

This lesson was not just about dealing with others but about the relationship with oneself. The disciple realized that true peace comes from an internal balance, unshakable by external words.

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