Rediscovery of Angels

Rediscovery of Angels,

Angels are real! Although they may not look like what we’ve always imagined. According to Catholic angelologist Father Renzo Lavatori, these celestial beings are becoming popular again thanks to New Age religions.

Discover the truth about angels: they’re real and they don’t have wings!

During a conference on angels at a magnificent Renaissance palace in Rome, Father Lavatori explained that angels don’t have wings and instead resemble beams of light.

Although we can’t see them with our eyes, we can feel their presence, said Father Lavatori. In fact, he compared their presence to sunlight reflecting on you through a crystal vase. What a beautiful image!

Father Lavatori believes there’s a rediscovery of angels in Christianity. And who can blame people for wanting to believe in these celestial beings? They’re a reminder that there’s something bigger than us in the universe and they provide us with a sense of protection and peace.

So if you ever feel like there’s something beyond yourself in a difficult situation, maybe it’s an angel protecting you.

Father Lavatori: Angels are in fashion, but Christmas art misrepresents them

A debate on angelic art was organized by the Fondazione Archivio Storico in the majestic Palace of the Chancellery in Rome, owned by the Vatican. The event was enriched by the participation of Father Lavatori, who specializes in demonology.

During his speech, Father Lavatori pointed out that angels are back in fashion and are very popular. However, he criticized the way they are represented in Christmas-related art, as, according to him, they are not real depictions.

“Angels don’t have wings, nor do they resemble cherubs,” he said.

The clergyman also highlighted the importance of angels as a shield against materialism in today’s society, which has left the “door open” to the devil. According to him, there is greater interference from demonic forces today, which is why there are queues of people waiting outside exorcists’ offices in churches.

Despite Pope Francis speaking more about the devil than angels, Father Lavatori believes that at some point, the Pope will also talk about angels. Ultimately, this debate has given us a new perspective on angelic art and its importance in the fight against evil forces in our current society.

Belief in Angels

A Spiritual Pillar in Multiple Religions and Cultures Around the World

Belief in angels has been a fundamental pillar in many religions and cultures around the world for centuries. From Christianity to Islam, the idea that there are divine beings who protect and guide human beings has been a source of comfort and hope for millions of people worldwide.

Although the idea of angels may seem a bit old-fashioned or even extravagant to some, there are many who argue that it is an important part of faith and spirituality. According to them, belief in angels can help people find comfort in times of crisis, stay on the right path and feel a deeper connection to the divine.

There are many stories of people who have experienced what they believe to be divine interventions in their lives. From feeling the presence of a guardian angel to having vivid dreams that seem to have a deeper meaning, there are many ways in which people say they have been touched by the hand of the divine.

Why is belief in angels fundamental?

Perspectives on purpose, protection and overcoming fear

Beyond personal experiences, there are also broader arguments for why belief in angels is fundamental. Some argue that the idea of angels can help people connect with their sense of purpose and meaning in the world.

By considering the role that angels play in protecting and guiding human beings, people may feel that their lives have a deeper purpose and that they are destined to do something meaningful.

Another argument is that belief in angels can help people overcome their fears and worries. Knowing that divine beings are by their side and protecting them, people can feel safer and calmer in times of uncertainty and fear.

Ultimately belief in angels is a very personal and spiritual matter.

For some people, it may be an integral part of their faith and their connection to the divine. For others, it may seem a little strange or even irrelevant. But for those who find comfort, hope and meaning in the idea of angels, it is an essential part of their spiritual path and their relationship with the divine.