WestJet and Santa Claus

WestJet and Santa Claus, InfoMistico.com

Many airports around the world experience increased congestion and commotion during the holidays, making them some of the least festive places. The confusion is due to delays, baggage problems and other issues.

WestJet Airline of Canada surprised its passengers

However, one group of passengers witnessed a real Christmas miracle thanks to a Canadian airline.

At Toronto and Hamilton airports, WestJet sent a fake Santa Claus to talk to travelers on flights to Calgary and fulfill their Christmas wishes. Several WestJet teams went shopping after passengers boarded the plane.

More than 150 airline employees participated, purchasing, wrapping and delivering the personalized gifts at the Calgary airport before the passengers arrived, who no doubt had no idea what was in store for them.

WestJet and Santa Claus, InfoMistico.com

They were handed gifts in the baggage claim area when they arrived. Hidden cameras captured it all and a video of the incident that included a reworking of the poem “The Night Before Christmas” recounted what happened. If the YouTube video receives thousands of views, WestJet will donate flights to the families.