Maturing: The Choice Between Time and Decision

Maturing: The Choice Between Time and Decision,

On the first day of my collegiate journey, our professor dared us to befriend someone unfamiliar. As I surveyed the classroom, a gentle hand rested on my shoulder. Turning, I was met with an elderly woman, her face etched with deep wrinkles, but a smile that could light up any room.

Growing Up: A Dilemma of Time and Decision — An Introspection

“Young man,” she introduced, “I’m Rose, and I’m eighty-seven. Care for a hug?” With heartfelt laughter, I replied, “Absolutely!” Her embrace was warm and genuine. My curiosity piqued, and I inquired, “Rose, what brings you to college at this juncture in life?”

A mischievous glint in her eye, she quipped, “I’m hunting for a wealthy husband, considering a couple of kids, then retirement, and globetrotting.”

Taken aback, I pressed her on her true motivations for this academic sojourn. “I’ve always yearned for higher education, and here I am, chasing that dream,” she admitted.

Over time, we became fast friends. After every lecture, we’d indulge in rich conversations and chocolate shakes. Through her tales, I felt transported through time, absorbing her wisdom.

Soon, Rose was an adored figure on campus.

She captured everyone’s hearts. Always impeccably dressed, she relished the attention and admiration of those around her. Indeed, she was in her prime.

As the semester concluded, we invited her to share a few words at our football dinner. What she offered that evening is etched in my memory.

After a brief introduction, she took the stage. A minor mishap scattered her notes. Approaching the microphone, she jovially confessed, “Forgive me, I’m a bit jittery. I gave up beer for a spell, and this whiskey’s getting to me.”

Laughter filled the hall. Regaining her composure, she imparted, “We don’t age because we stop playing; we age because we forget how. There are four keys to youth and happiness: laugh daily, find purpose, embrace change, and never let go of our ideals.”

“Tragically, many wander with lifeless eyes, oblivious.”

“Aging is a given for everyone. But growing up, that’s a choice. Maybe in a year, you just add one more to your age, but what truly counts is evolving internally, adapting, and learning with every twist and turn.”

“Reflecting, I don’t rue what I did but what I didn’t. For only those with regrets truly fear the twilight of their lives.”

She concluded her address with a rendition of “La Rosa,” urging us to contemplate her words and integrate her wisdom into our existence.

Shortly after graduation, Rose departed this world in her sleep.

Over two thousand souls gathered to honor the woman who, through her life, showcased it’s never too late to become the best version of oneself.

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