Ludovica Squirru Predictions

Ludovica Squirru Predictions,

The cycle has ended

The astrologer states that the extermination of the human race, the animal and plant kingdoms and the natural resources are in the full transmutation phase. The end of an earthly era towards another in which the last attempts of salvation will be extinguished.

Furthermore, he says that to “awaken intuition,” “oracles” and “prayers,” as well as to “return to telepathy,” it is necessary to “first understand the gift of life.”

About this, she explains:

The only thing we have to do in our ceremonies is to ask forgiveness for all the damage done. I have been doing this in Cordoba every December 4 -when I perform for the Argentine Spiritual Foundation- and also on the solstices and equinoxes for 19 years.

Nature is in a state of extinction because of us

This is not a punishment from the gods and it is alerting us in a way that those who do not realize it, live in a thermos. I understand that people who live in the cities don’t care so much and are not so aware, but those who live in the middle of the mountains, like me 22 years ago, see it and suffer from it.

People are still burning coal, oil and other fuels and this has not changed from the year of the tiger to the year of the rabbit to the year of the dragon. In terms of humanity, there are great cycles.

This is the end of a cycle

Just as Babylon, Rome and the Ottoman Empire fell, so has this civilization, which has not been able to develop the minimum consciousness necessary to preserve the earth, our habitat.

Ludovica laments having endured three devastating fires in Cordoba and continuing to make the same sacrifices year after year.

The spiritual foundation in the ashes, in what I witness and hundreds of every 200-year-old carob tree burned. You also have to give to the earth because you cannot take it constantly; you have to give back.

You have to feed Pachamama all the time, not just on her day. These are the rituals, but they are not talked about “massively”.

I have the impression that the world desperately needs reformulation. But are the Mayan and Chinese eras also passing and what is left today of that seed of the human?

Confined human zoo

This year’s book revolves around childhood. It invites us to reconsider not only the children of today but also the people we were and the people we wanted to be, taking us on a journey through the tiniest members of the human zoo.

In this context, she provides fragments of her early years in the prologue, recalling how teachers used to discuss their affairs with her during recess.

Still happens to me: in five minutes anyone tells me what she didn’t tell her parents or her husband; that inspires me and that since she was a child she had dreams and premonitions: “I kept diaries and wrote a lot, but I also had that loneliness you have as a child, that sometimes no one catches you.”

Alice in Wonderland was a book that marked me a lot when I was ten years old; she and what has happened to her since she fell down the rabbit hole have dominated my whole life.

Because I made it clear that I didn’t want to get married and that having children was not my priority. My sister and I were also raised by my father, who urged us to travel and see the world rather than settle down with the first person we met.

Ludovica’s advice for the year 2023

Any advice or recommendations for the coming year?

As in Chinese culture, the rabbit is considered a very lucky and magical sign, the advice for the Year of the Rabbit is to discover your own identity.

Legend has it that there was a hungry Chinese peasant who was dressed and plowing the land. Suddenly, a rabbit passed by and, although he thought of killing it to eat it, he refrained from doing so.

When the twelve animals formed the zodiac in front of Buddha, he was rewarded and given a special place, making him the most fortunate. Because of this, the full moon is believed to be equivalent to the elixir of immortality because the rabbit seems to lean on it.

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