Life cycles of humans

Life cycles of humans,

Cycle from age 49 to age 56

In the next seven-year period, from age forty-nine to fifty-six, we find a tendency toward a greater withdrawal of what constitutes personal or selfish ambition.

Accompanied by a gradual reduction of vitality and physical prowess, but compensated by a highly harmonized nature with the psychic and mental.

Here the pendulum of existence begins to swing away from that which is the formation of a physical being and towards the formation of a spiritual being.

For this reason, the physical body begins to lose its strength to fight disease and to master the wear and tear of accidents and excesses that affect vitality.

Cycle from 56 to 63 years of age

From 56 to 63 years of age, the conditions of the previous period continue, but this time accompanied by the maturity of the mental faculties together with a weakening of the physical strength.

That turns the being into a more and more psychic and spiritual being, in harmony with the whole purpose of this cycle.

As man is born to be a living soul and not simply a physical body animated by a soul, he evolves, period by period from birth to sixty-three years of age, from a physical being to a spiritual being.

The seven-year periods each contribute to the spiritual development and gradual wear and tear of the physical body. The end of the cycle occurs at approximately 144 years of age so that the cycle of life can harmonize with the other cycles and other periods.

Seven-year cycles

There are people who, while living in one of these seven-year cycles, do not see themselves identified with the cycle that corresponds to their age. They are identified with the previous cycle.

This is because they did not burn the conditions so the tendencies that they should feel and that corresponded to the cycle, they left them aside. He was more interested in always living in a cycle that was easier and more comfortable for him.

Some people go through several cycles and are still cloistered in several previous cycles. Hence, their personality does not correspond to their existential cycle and that is when we see traumatized individuals, hooked on alcohol, drugs and sex.

Because of this situation is why so much family instability is occurring.

This article has been adapted and translated by from its original author Loli de Luz de Necane.