Life cycles of humans

Life cycles of humans,

The life of a human being is divided into cycles of 7 years. When we are born, it takes 7 months for the organs to adapt to the new environment. From then until the age of 7, the learning process of a child is very important.

Did you know that people’s life cycles are divided into 7 years?

It is the time of our early childhood when the foundations of our education and cultural development are laid. It is a period of self-discovery regarding the objective material world and our relationship with it.

Cycle from 7 years to 14 years

In the second seven-year period, from seven to fourteen years of age, certain physical changes take place in our development and the mental side of our nature takes a back seat among the changes that occur.

Immediately before the end of the second period, both in the male and in the female, important physical changes take place which prepares for the third stage.

These changes, if they do not occur before the end of the second period, the child is psychologically and physiologically below normal.

Cycle from 14 to 21 years of age

In the third seven-year period, from fourteen to twenty-one years of age, physical changes take second place to the mental and the psychic side of human nature develops primarily.

These develop a sense of responsibility and produce dignity, self-respect and character in the individual.

During this process is when the individual reaches that degree of psychic and psychological development, as well as mental and physiological, that turns the individual into a capable entity, qualified to assume legal responsibilities.

The person who has not reached this degree by the age of twenty-one is behind in his progress and is classified as incompetent and below normal.

Cycle from 21 to 28 years of age

The fourth period of seven years, from twenty-one to twenty-eight, is one in which a strong development takes place in the emotional nature, which carries with it the unfolding of the emotional spark that was awakened in the previous period.

During these seven years, the individual acquires stability, a greater sense of responsibility and some gentleness in his nature.

A gradual activity in those higher and dormant faculties which are designated by the name of intuition, telepathy, unconscious psychometry and other such psychic faculties.

Together with an awakening of interest in music, art, language and what may be called the higher and religious things of life.

Cycle from 28 to 35 years of age

In the next period from twenty-eight to thirty-five, the creative processes of the mind are more active and the ability to visualize, imagine and create mentally has developed greatly, with a progressive attunement or state of harmony with Cosmic Consciousness and with the ethical standards of life.

During this period is when important inventors made the greatest progress and when the man of enterprise feels full of energy and success. The great philosophers and mystics unexpectedly found Cosmic Enlightenment.

Cycle from 35 to 42 years of age

In the following period from thirty-five to forty-two years of age, a man enters a phase of development that awakens the desire to explain, investigate and reveal great knowledge and hidden truths of life.

Certain restlessness takes possession of his nature, which makes him dissatisfied with the monotony of personal and selfish achievement and quickens in his being the humanitarian and fraternal emotion of sharing what he has with the world.

If he has hardly anything but time and knowledge to share he desires to explore and discover and propagate to the masses, for their benefit, the things that have been revealed to him.

During this period men begin to dispose of and employ the great fortunes they have accumulated or inherited, erecting libraries and building schools, colleges and universities.

This is truly the culminating period of all the years that have preceded it in the life of man and in which begins the system of compensation for the life of the ordinary individual, whereby he feels the need to give back to the Cosmic and humanity some of the benefits he has enjoyed.

Cycle from 42 to 49 years of age

In the following period, from forty-two to forty-nine years of age. The desire to rest, meditate, to reflect philosophically constitutes a new chapter of the human being, which develops specially and energetically in each case.

Until the individual becomes a new person with new hopes, new desires, a new outlook on life, a new goal and a new ideal towards which he directs his activities.

The mind inclines more strongly toward religions and philosophy than toward business and also toward those humanitarian activities which produce comfort and peace, by lending aid, happiness and health to the scorned, bereaved, or pessimistic.

This period functions in the life of an ordinary person…

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