Find Happiness Through Simple Actions

Find Happiness Through Simple Actions,

Happiness, a fleeting yet potent emotion, is indispensable in our lives. Kalitza Baerga-Santini, a distinguished psychologist, divulges the keys to rekindling joy through affirmative choices that foster well-being, accentuating the significance of gratitude and the establishment of uncomplicated objectives.

When was the last instance when you engaged in an activity that brought you happiness?

Nonetheless, at times, adversities can overshadow this sense of delight. However, it is perpetually feasible to reclaim it.

Kalitza Baerga-Santini, a clinical psychologist and a member of the Board of Directors of the Puerto Rico Psychological Association, posits this view. According to her, the crux of reviving our zest lies in probing into affirmative alternatives that incite a sense of well-being within our brain.

“Maintaining a pessimistic perspective on circumstances and concentrating solely on predicaments, leads to a decline in one’s mood and a feeling of despair,” elucidates the psychologist.

“The emphasis should not be on negating challenges but on making choices that support progress toward a state of well-being, which encompasses physical and emotional health and fulfillment in professional, social and spiritual domains.”

Reclaiming the Joy of Living: The Psychology of Gratitude and Goal-Setting

When discontent and dissatisfaction infiltrate our daily existence, it is prudent to ponder the potential origins of this unease. Which concerns or relationships might be aggravating these sentiments?

The response to this inquiry will empower us to make more deliberate and positive choices, thus reclaiming dominion over our lives and moods and shattering the chains of despondency. As per Baerga-Santini, numerous studies indicate that gratitude is an influential tool for nurturing happiness and wellness.

“Occasionally we assume there is nothing to be thankful for but in reality, the mere act of reflecting on elements that elicit gratitude can positively alter our life perception,” she notes.

Furthermore, the formulation of objectives, even if modest, plays a considerable role in reacquiring the joy of living. These objectives need not be extravagant; simple endeavors that provide a sense of achievement will suffice. The realization that we have accomplished a set goal instills a sense of gratification that is unparalleled.

Reconnect and Thrive: The Cornerstones of Cultivating Substantial Relationships and Comprehensive Wellness

Nurturing meaningful relationships is an additional advantageous strategy. Baerga-Santini highlights the value of fostering profound friendships, not solely via social media but also through in-person interactions.

“Face-to-face encounters are crucial for the cultivation of a deep bond,” she asserts.

However, genuine reclamation of joy stems from internal efforts: a journey of self-discovery and introspection enabling us to experience contentment and savor the present.

“There is an abundance of motives to persevere and channel our energies positively and cognizance of this is crucial to our happiness,” the expert affirms.

To streamline this journey, Baerga-Santini suggests a compilation of self-care activities:

  • Allocate time to uncover your passions
  • Utilize your leisure time by indulging in activities that you relish
  • Engage in consistent physical exercise
  • Endeavor to secure adequate sleep
  • Practice respiratory exercises and meditation
  • Participate in volunteer work
  • Confront and overcome pessimistic thoughts that yield sorrow and despair

Combating defeatist thoughts might initially appear challenging but tenacity yields dividends. Practice engenders enhanced cognitive adaptability, allowing us to assess scenarios from a refreshed, positive and resourceful vantage point.

Bear in mind, joy is not merely a mental state but also an essential resource for tackling life’s tribulations.

Hence, question yourself: when was the last occasion you partook in something that made you happy? Then, embrace the opportunity to experience it anew.