Camphor Cleaning

Camphor Cleaning,

Camphor because you have read that it is poisonous or you want to take advantage of its benefits in general, you can use it when cleaning yourself. It is used as an air freshener for the home and especially to freshen the bathroom or bedroom.

Camphor energy cleansing

Has a very pleasant aroma and gives a feeling of relaxation and peace in the environment.

Helping to balance emotions reduces the effects of fatigue (especially mental) and reduces stress. For example, you can add a few drops to the water you use to clean the floor. Also, put it in a spray bottle and use it to disinfect curtains, carpets, or blankets.

Perfect for bugs, viruses or bacteria! And your home always smells clean and disinfected.


Camphor is one of the most used elements for energetic and spiritual cleansing. Its use is very simple and is done in different ways.

The simplest way is to add a small part of camphor to the cleaning water, in this way we ensure that the entire surface of the place we want is clean and purified.

Once everything is scrubbed, break a pill into pieces and place small pieces in each corner of the house, room, or place where you have cleaned. Those little pieces will remain there until they disappear.

Later, the tablets can also be placed on a metal plate and burned. Go through all the rooms you want to clean with this smoke. You can also use incense at the same time. This enhances the cleaning.

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