What do crickets mean in witchcraft?

What do crickets mean in witchcraft?, InfoMistico.com

We can affirm that everything depends on the quantity. We will interpret a cricket singing at the moon in our window as a sign of good luck. However, we would see them as a pest if we observed a group of 30 insects eating the plants in our garden.

Cricket as a sign of good or bad luck

Cricket as a lucky charm

In both North American and Asian cultures, especially in Japan and China, crickets have played an important role. They have long been considered a representation of luck, fortune, wealth and energy.

Crickets are often mentioned in songs and legends as a talisman of knowledge; many Asians kept them in small cages to “cherish” their song.

Cricket best guardian of a home

In addition, it was claimed that this insect was a better guardian of the home than a dog because it quickly stopped singing when it sensed something undesirable. Therefore, artists created amulets with insect figures in wood or stone to protect whoever wore them.

We cannot ignore the reality that a great harvest in the fields was eagerly awaited before the rains. It was not until they heard the well-known song of this species, whose scientific name is Gryllidae, that several farmers began to prepare their crops.

Do you know the song or sound this green animal makes?

It scratches its wings.

What time do they do it?

When the male seeks to attract a mate or to declare that this is his domain when a rival approach.

Symbol of prosperity in crickets

Due to the prodigious egg production of females each season, they are widely recognized as a sign of prosperity. According to tradition, a family with many children – or a female – is successful.

For Native Americans, cricket is a symbol of confidence, joy and intuition. It is also said to be related to the ability to escape from a difficult circumstance because of its large legs, which allow it to jump quite high.

According to one myth, crickets were sent by the gods to teach humans to smile no matter what. If we see cricket in our kitchen, it will bring luck to our home; however, if we kill it, we are guaranteed bad luck for the whole season.

Don’t try it, just in case!

Crickets as a pest

For the moment, let’s put myths and customs aside and focus on something a little more real: the potential damage crickets provide to our fields, orchards and gardens.

Because of their enormous reproductive and feeding capabilities, they can quickly become a nightmare, even indoors. Knowing that they favor warm, humid climates where they can easily lay their eggs and feed is beneficial.

Crickets can be very detrimental to crops and gardens, as well as flour, grain, paper and tissue stores, even though they do not pose a health problem to people or pets.

Keeping crickets away

Covering any openings through which crickets can enter or exit, such as windows, doors, or cracks, can prevent them from appearing. In addition, it is advisable to check drains, avoid woodpiles, clean gutters and mow the lawn around the house.

Since crickets, like many insects, are attracted to lights, opt for softer lighting, such as “warm” LED bulbs and remember to close blinds and windows tightly before going to bed.

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